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Chapter 61-The Strong Will Be Resepcted (1)

    Chapter 61-The Strong Will Be Resepcted (1)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Well, since GT has started translating DOP in inhumane speed, there’s a change in the release schedule. Will try to upload that two UUTS tonight…>.

    The moonlight sank below the horizon as a dim glow shone faintly in the sky.

    Arriving back at Liu Li Palace, Liu Yue saw Yan Hu and Qiu Hen purposely awaiting at the door. They raised their thumbs highly and gave Liu Yue a thumbs up with an excited expression.

    The lights glowed brightly within the palace, shining down upon Xuan Yuan Che who was sitting on the chair. He gazed at her with a faint smile on his lips.

    Seeing Xuan Yuan Che, Liu Yue grinned and quickly walked towards him. She fell into his embrace as she gently rubbed Xuan Yuan Che’s face.

    dop611After being battered by the cold wind for one whole night, his hug felt warm and nice.

    “You little one. You are really fierce today. ” Xuan Yuan Che pinched Liu Yue’s nose gently and smiled with an evil yet alluring expression.

    Xuan Yuan Che thought of how the Left Minister, who had always been sitting high up on his throne and was even fawned over by some princes, had been thoroughly humiliated today. He even had to lower his head for a small girl! Xuan Yuan Che was inwardly pleased when he thought about it.

    Liu Yue laughed insolently as she heard his words and responded, ” Didn’t I say before that those who dared tomess with me won’t have a good ending?”

    “You.” Xuan Yuan Che immediately laughed heartily while lowering his head to give Liu Yue a hard kiss on her cheeks. He appeared to be in a good mood.

    “However, you have to be careful in the future. ” Liu Yue, who had hugged Xuan Yuan Che and kissed him back, suddenly warned him with her eyebrows raised.

    Who was the Left Minister? He held the most power in the imperial court and he was also the emperor’s maternal uncle. He would never let it go easily after being forced to suffer in silence. Even before this whole debacle, Empress Liu had already had the audacity to poison her. Now that he suffered, he would definitely become even more aggravated.

    “Didn’t you already draw them out in the open?” Xuan Yuan Che winked lightly and a shadow of ruthlessness flashed across his evil-looking, yet alluring, eyes.

    In the past, Empress Liu and the Left Minister hid in the dark and made a move whenever they wanted, which was impossible to defend against.

    Yet today Liu Yue had caused such a huge disturbance. He, the King Yi of the Tian Zhen Empire who already had the most military forces in his hands, who had even outshone the Crown Prince, now had such an awesome Princess Consort. As King Yi and his Princess Consort joined hands together, they would be unrivalled in this Tian Zhen Empire. If the Left Minister and the other powers behind the Crown Prince, wanted to make a move, they would need make it quick.

    The Left Minister and the others would hurry to attack, yet they would remain calm and unhurried. So now the whole situation is at their advantage. They would be lurking in the dark, yet the Left Minister and the others would be seen clearly.

    Hearing Xuan Yuan Che, Liu Yue immediately drew Xuan Yuan Che into her embrace tightly. Then, she raised her head and playfully bit on Xuan Yuan Che’s lips.

    “Are you a puppy?!” Xuan Yuan Che exclaimed in pain and instantly pushed Liu Yue away. Liu Yue laughed out, bright as the sunlight.

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