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Chapter 62-The Strong will be Respected (2)

    Chapter 62-The Strong will be Respected (2)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Shipreck, Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Enjoy~


    The glow in her eyes hid the smiling expression emanating from the depths of her heart. Xuan Yuan Che involuntarily raised his brows slightly. It was his first time seeing such a jubilant Liu Yue.

    “How can you understand me so well?” Murmuring deeply, Liu Yue whispered while going forward, softly sticking out her tongue and gently licking the area that she just bitten.

    Softly and very tenderly.

    Thinking about how she and her subordinates had required more than ten years sticking together in life and death before they could execute a perfect teamwork, she wondered howshe could have this connection with Xuan Yuan Che now after only such a short time. How could she not like this person? How could she not feel for him?

    Xuan Yuan Che did not covet the position of the crown prince. However, his outstanding performance had already caused others to have a malice forethought. Or else, why would Empress Liu poison and oppose his beloved Liu Yue? The purpose was to deprive Xuan Yuan Che of any one that was on his side. Liu Yue hadn’t understood that at the beginning, but If she hadn’t comprehended it by now, she would be an idiot.

    Xuan Yuan Che, who was so ruthless and cruel in the battleground, did not actually had the heart to be ruthless towards his own brothers, as anyone could tell at the gambling incident. Because Xuan Yuan Che would not lay his hands on his brothers, Liu Yue resolved to do it for him.

    She would never be merciful to those who wished to harm Xuan Yuan Che.

    “I will never let go.” Gently sucking Xuan Yuan Che’s lips, Liu Yue mumbled, but firmly stated these five words.

    She would never let go of this person.

    Chuckling softly, Xuan Yuan Che tenderly kissed Liu Yue back while uttering in a deep tone, “Then you will have to hold on tightly.”

    Embracing and gently kissing.

    On this bright and sunny day, Liu Li Palace was filled with an ambience of tender sweetness.

    The sun was high in the sky. Like a paradise located in the outskirts of the capital, this beautiful place was one of Xuan Yuan Che’s many manors.

    It appeared to be a place for relaxation, but truthfully, it was the residence of Xuan Yuan Che’s forces, the top-notched secret agents, Blood Shadow Guards.

    dop622The Blood Shadow Guards was in charge of the dark secret missions of the military forces, they were in control of the power of life and death itself. Together with Xuan Yuan Che’s Dragon Rider Guards, these two forces existed as the deadly combo of the light and darkness. The Blood Shadow Guards were in charge of accomplishing things that Dragon Rider Guards couldn’t step in to do.

    Although they are named Blood Shadow Guards, they actually had another name, the Sacred Dragon Temple.

    Sacred Dragon Temple, it was Tian Zhen Kingdom’s the first-ranked assassin’s organization.

    “Blood Shadow Guards, is this all you can do?” A small body, with a height that only measured up to the waist of the Blood Shadow Guards, voiced out her dissatisfaction, surrounded by an aura of bloodlust. Liu Yue crossed her arms, glaring coldly at the Blood Shadow Guards training in the training ground as she commented sarcastically.

    Xuan Yuan Che, who stood rightbehind her, raised his brows when he heard her ridicule. The secret agents that he had personally trained could only receive such a remark in Liu Yue’s eyes?

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