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Chapter 63-The Strong Will Be Respected (3)

    Chapter 63-The Strong Will Be Respected (3)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Shipreck, Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Well I realized I forgot to introduce the editors yesterday… Welcome Shipreck, Rango, Kirithika and Surjit! Enjoy the chapter~

    In the center of the courtyard, twenty Blood Shadow Guards glared icily at Liu Yue, who wore a sarcastic expression. She was still so young yet she spoke with such a brazen tone. Had it not been for the fact that she was their Lord’s Princess Consort, they would have already broken her neck for daring to insult them.

    Xuan Yuan Che who had read the mood of the Blood Shadow Guards slowly walked one step forward and calmly said, “In the future, she will be your master.”

    That one sentence was immediately replied with a trace of hostility and killing intent. The twenty pairs of eyes bored altogether on Liu Yue, not with reverence, but with disdain and anger.

    “No, she is unqualified.” the leader of the Blood Shadow Guards, Du Yi, responded coldly.

    Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Che did not speak much. He only stepped backwards and looked at Liu Yue with a smile.

    Yesterday, Liu Yue had already thought that without her original powers, her movements and plans would be restricted. She could not rely on the Mu Rong and the Right Minister’s Clan as in the end, they were a separate body. Although they were currently working together for mutual benefits, after a while, they would definitely break apart again to serve each of their own benefits.

    Liu Yue thought that she could only do whatever she wished if she had an absolute power on her own.

    Therefore, Liu Yue asked Xuan Yuan Che for a favour and he also agreed to let her be in charge of his prided forces.

    Now, it was time to show off her skills and powers. In order to subdue these prideful Secret Agents that held the power over people’s life and death, what she needed was not sweet words and praises, but a showcase of absolute power and strength.

    dop631No more unnecessary words. With an apathetic expression, Liu Yue slowly startedto equip a silver silk glove. She stretched her left hand, then coldly crooked her finger towards the Secret Agents and said in an extremely icy tone, “Everyone attack me altogether.”

    The twenty Secret Agents’ faces instantly darkened at her frigid words. Every single one of them were the top assassins of the Tian Zhen Empire. Neither of them would even need the help of another to assassinate a person. Yet right now, this mere thirteen years old girl actually had the audacity to dare them to strike at her altogether. This was definitely a humiliation. An unspeakable humiliation.

    Scrutinizing the livid faces of all the Secret Agents, a flash of contempt gleamed briefly in Liu Yue’s eyes.

    “Since you all wouldn’t move, then do not blame me for drawing the first blood.” Her cold voice was still resounding in the air as her body flew forward, fast as lightning.

    Her speed wasn’t very quick, but she had already appeared before them in an instant.

    Du Yi snorted coldly when he saw her. He didn’t even unsheathed the sword in his hand and charged directly towards Liu Yue, aiming his hands at the vital part of Liu Yue’s chest.

    Unexpectedly, Liu Yue didn’t even try dodging his attack. Her hands, wearing the silver silk gloves, pinched at the sheath of her sword. Then her fingertips suddenly stabbed forward from a totally unexpected position.

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