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Chapter 64-The Strong Will Be Respected (4)

    Chapter 64-The Strong Will Be Respected (4)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Shipreck, Shiroyukineko

    Du Yi froze with shock for a moment as Liu Yue who was right in front of him had suddenly flashed past him and pounced onto the other secret agents behind him.

    dop641Shadows of swords flashed as an aura of hostility instantly rose up in the courtyard.

    Like a butterfly diving through the flowers, her shadows waved to and fro, in and out.

    “Your highness, will the Princess Consort be alright?” Qiu Hen, who was standing beside Xuan Yuan Che, stared anxiously as if Liu Yue was a lamb that had pounced onto a pride of lions.

    Liu Yue’s movement speed wasn’t that quick and it could be seen very clearly. The secret assassins before her, on the other hand, were extremely fast. Their blades moved with an unbelievable speed, fast as lightning.

    If that was so, wouldn’t their Princess Consort lose?

    “Heavens, The Princess Consort closed her eyes. She…she doesn’t want to live anymore.” Seeing that Liu Yue had closed her eyes during the fight, Yan Hu gaped in shock.

    Others at this time would have probably wished to grow a few more pairs of eyes to watch their opponents. Their Princess Consort had instead closed her eyes. This…

    Xuan Yuan Che clenched his fists. Did Liu Yue think too highly of herself? No matter what, these assassins that she was facing currently had meticulously trained for years. Even if she had good fighting skills, she was still a thirteen years old. She could only have trained for thirteen years even if she started training in her mother’s womb. What was she doing?

    Little did he know that Liu Yue had previously been one of the finest mercenaries and was a first-rate assassin. She was the best amongst all assassins from the seven billion population in her previous world, which was incomparable to this world, that only had a population that was in the millions.

    She had walked through of piles of corpses in her life.

    She had trained in “Asura Training Grounds”.

    If one was talking of other fields of expertise, Liu Yue may not dare to boast, but in the world of assassins, if she had claimed the second position, no one else would dare to say they are first.

    Fighting against these assassins, it was really a piece of cake. This was because their aura of bloodlust was simply too obvious, so obvious in factthat there was no need to see them with her eyes. Simply by relying on her senses, she could locate their positions vividly and clearly feel the sharp aura of hostility that was radiating towards her.

    dop642However, as she floated like a butterfly among the group of assassins that possessed impressive Light Body Techniques, Liu Yue’s movement seemed entirely like slow motion.

    Their swords and knives that whistled past the side of her body, flashed past her head and chest, could almost be seen distinctly. The swords and knives were unable to even scrape her.

    Xuan Yuan Che relaxed his clenched fists and stared at Liu Yue in shock. What kind of fighting skill is that? Movements so perfect, so calculated. How was it possible to execute such precise moves, dodging so many attacks, without any wasted motions but with such a slow movement speed?

    Even before he could finish this line of thought,Liu Yue had suddenly returned back to his side and stood casually, brushing her sleeves.

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