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Chapter 65-The Strong Will Be Respected (5)

    Chapter 65-The Strong Will Be Respected (5)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Kirithika, Sam, Shiroyukineko, Surjit

    Behind her, twenty Blood Shadow Guards held their sharp weapons, confused, as they stared at Liu Yue, who was standing right in front of them.

    A breeze blew through and butterflies fluttered across the courtyard.

    “Look at that.” Qiu Hen suddenly widened his eyes and exclaimed in surprise.

    dop651On every outer garment of the Blood Shadow Guards, there was a hole the size of a finger in their clothes, near the center of their chest. The tear flapped in the wind, showing the tanned and taut skins of the assassins.

    Every single one of them had it on their chest.

    That was the most vital part of the human body.

    The twenty assassins’ faces immediately went blank. If Liu Yue was to have any sharp weapon in her hand, then they…

    Before they could finish the thoughts in their minds, the Leader, Du Yi’s expression changed in an instant.

    Liu Yue who currently had her back towards them did not utter a single word and instead stabbed her hand, that was wearing the silver silk glove, into a humongous stone beside her, cutting into it like it was tofu.

    Wherever her slim and tender fingers touched the large stone beside her, a piece of stone block the size of her palm was easily gouged out, falling perfectly into her hands, leaving empty gaps everywhere in the large stone.

    The secret agents expression instantly changed.

    If Liu Yue had used the slightest bit more strength when poking them with her finger, then all the Blood Shadow Guards at this moment would have…

    “Bow to Master.” A single “Dong” was heard as twenty uniformed secret agents knelt down before Liu Yue without saying another word. The powerful one is king, and they were thoroughly convinced by her.dop653

    “Now, I need to consider whether you are all qualified enough to be my subordinates.” Liu Yue coldly turned around, still wearing the expression of contempt and apathy.

    “Master.” When the twenty Blood Shadow Guards heard her, embarrassment and indignation flashed across their faces as they uniformly twisted their swords against themselves, prepared to pierce their own hearts and commit suicide.

    “Liu Yue.” Xuan Yuan Che suppressed the astonishment in his heart as he called to her softly.

    These assassins were meticulously trained by him personally. If they really were to die, it would make all of his efforts useless.

    “Assassins, what are assassins? I have never seen assassins whose grief and indignation in their hearts would lead them to take their own lives. I have only seen assassins that would do anything to achieve their goals.”

    “Killing people is not like embroidery. Why would you all need so many exaggerated and extravagant moves? Just one move. One move that would strike the vital parts should be enough.”

    “Comparing skills. There should be no competition between assassins. They are either killing or not involved at all. Today, I did not come to fight you guys. If it wasn’t because you all still have some use, none of you would have walked out alive today. I, Mu Rong Liu Yue, can’t have trash as my subordinates. ”

    Her words were cold-hearted and extremely ruthless.

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