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Chapter 66-The Strong Will Be Respected (6)

    Chapter 66-The Strong Will Be Respected (6)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Kirithika, Sam, Shiroyukineko, Surjit

    Although her words were cold and ruthless, Liu Yue’s words made the twenty pairs of eyes of the Blood Shadow Guards’ flare up in a transparent glow. Throwing away the swords in their hands and prostrating themselves before Liu Yue in admiration, they responded, “We are grateful for master’s advice.”

    “Humph! I will return after ten days to test each of you. Anyone that is unable to meet my requirements will leave straight away.” Liu Yue’s eyes flashed icily, and an aura of hostility rapidly shot out. The cold sensation was terrifying like Satan’s own aura, stealing the souls of the humans standing in front of her.

    “Yes.” The twenty Blood Shadow Guards that had been scared stiff shouted in unison. Such an aura of hostility was the real thing indeed. Their own aura couldn’t even be compared to it.They were just too weak.

    While they were still recovering from the effects of her aura, Liu Yue moved to the side and started to give out instructions. This was the experience gained through more than ten years of mercenary life lived on the edge of death.

    The sun shone brilliantly as birds chirped and fragrant flowers bloomed in the garden.

    Xuan Yuan Che looked at the rock in front of him that had a gaping hole punched in by Liu Yue’s strength. Slowly, he stretched out his hand, condensed his inner strength upon the tip of his fingers and directly thrust them into the big rock.

    Hearing only a loud banging sound, Xuan Yuan Che’s mouth twitched slightly. His five fingertips was covered in blood, yet the only change he made on that big rock was five little indentations.

    Though he had such a strong inner strength, he couldn’t even make a dent in the rock. How had Liu Yue done it?

    Xuan Yuan Che’s eyebrows raised high in contemplation.

    “What are you doing?” After giving some instructions to the Blood Shadow Guards, Liu Yue had walked in and found Xuan Yuan Che staring blankly at the rock, blood covering his five fingers.

    dop661She clasped Xuan Yuan Che’s hands in hers with a good mood and thought that he was a little endearing as she tenderly cleaned his wounds. Smiling helplessly, she said, “You! Aren’t you very smart normally? Why didn’t you use your brain today? The human body might be strong but it still has its limits. How could it be harder than a rock?”

    Xuan Yuan Che lowered his head when he heard her words and looked at Liu Yue inquisitively.

    Seeing this, Liu Yue took off the silver silk glove on her hand and helped Xuan Yuan Che put it on.

    “What is on my fingertips? ” Xuan Yuan Che immediately felt it as soon as he wore the gloves.

    “It is resistant to water and fire and neither swords and spears can penetrate it, but this was only its defensive aspect. It is actually its attacking aspect that dominates.” Liu Yue rubbed Xuan Yuan Che’s hands and softly raised her brows while she spoke.

    These silver silk gloves had originally belonged to Xuan Yuan Che. She had only requested Qiu Hen to add some things inside. To be able to strike while attacking and to defend when retreating. This was what she wanted.

    “How many more ingenious ideas are you hidingin this little brain of yours?” Xuan Yuan Che turned and hugged Liu Yue’s waist as he raised his brows highly.

    “You can discover that slowly.” Liu Yue blinked at Xuan Yuan Che with an evil smile.

    “You little minx .” Xuan Yuan Che helplessly pinched the tip of Liu Yue’s nose. Although he seemed to wear an angry expression, a gaze of love glowed in his eyes.

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