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Chapter 68-The Strong Will Be Respected (8)

    Chapter 68-The Strong Will Be Respected (8)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Krithika, Shipreck

    EDchecked by Rend, Surjit

    TLCed By: Shiroyukineko

    “Yue Er, these properties and goods sent by the Second, Fourth and Seventh Princes are valued at more than four million gold. How do you plan to deal with it?” The chopsticks in Imperial Consort Chen’s hands gently tapped the dish of ‘Misty Jade Silk’ on the table as she asked.

    (TLN: Misty Jade Silk is some food that looks like Misty Jade silk… Hope that make sense. >__

    She had no interest in money.

    Hearing her words, Imperial Consort Chen flashed a smile and looked at Xuan Yuan Che expectantly.

    Xuan Yuan Che unhurriedly lifted up a bite of “Thousand Layers Flowing Silk”, to Liu Yue’s lips with a loving smile flashing in his eyes and replied softly, “I will hand it over to the national treasury. ”

    Imperial Consort Chen was all smiles when she heard his words, and said, “That’s right. The tallest tree in the forest catches the most wind. It wouldn’t be pleasant if it was too excessive. Giving this wealth to your Father is much better than keeping it for yourself. You don’t need the money anyway.”

    Too much wealth could sometimes become a source of calamity. However, Imperial Consort Chen had no reason to worry because Xuan Yuan Che understood that more clearly than anyone else.

    Xuan Yuan Che nodded at Imperial Consort Chen. He would only deal with the people that wanted to harm him. Towards his royal father, he did not have other intentions.

    “Lord… ” Qiu Hen who had been standing outside, suddenly entered hurriedly with a grim face.

    “What is it? ” Seeing Qiu Hen’s expression, Xuan Yuan Che knew immediately that something serious had happened and put down the chopsticks in his hand.

    dop681“Reporting to the Lord. The Special Envoy from the border has sent a message through a carrier pigeon. The Ao Yun Kingdom wishes to send an ambassador to our kingdom in order to congratulate the Emperor on his birthday.”

    When Qiu Hen had finished, Xuan Yuan Che and Imperial Consort Chen simultaneously frowned .

    Seeing this, Liu Yue looked at Xuan Yuan Che and inquired, “What’s wrong? ”

    “Ao Yun Kingdom is currently one of the most powerful kingdoms among the seven kingdoms that exist today, and they have never interacted with Tian Chen Kingdom before. Why would they suddenly come to celebrate the Emperor’s birthday now? ” Xuan Yuan Che answered, knitting his brows.

    A few days ago, Liu Yue had gained more knowledge about the world she lived in. On this continent, there were seven kingdoms that co-existed in a perpetual state of war. All these years, the smoke from the aftermath of these ferocious battles had almost blackened the sky completely. It was only in recent years, that a large scale war had not erupted, there was only occasional minor skirmishes of no great import.

    Like Ao Yun Kingdom, Tian Zhen Kingdom was also one of the most powerful amongst the seven kingdoms. So it was only natural that the Tian Zhen Kingdom and the Ao Yun Kingdom were like the Wolf and the Tiger respectively; well matched with each other.

    Furthermore, there was Chen Kingdom standing in between the Ao Yun Kingdom and the Tian Zhen Kingdom. So why had the Ao Yun Kingdom suddenly thought of going through the bother of crossing the Chen Kingdom to come and celebrate the Tian Zhen Emperor’s birthday?

    “Who is the Special Envoy coming? ” Xuan Yuan Che asked in a grim voice.

    “The Crown Prince of the Ao Yun Kingdom, Du Gu Ye.” Qiu Hen’s words caused the main hall to fall into deathly silence. Why would such an important person come? What does Ao Yun Kingdom’s plan entail?

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