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Chapter 69-Visitors With Bad Intentions (1)

    Chapter 69-Visitors With Bad Intentions (1)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Krithika, Shipreck

    EDC by Rend, Surjit

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Thank you sponsor! Well, having no photoshop skills, I tried using paint. Hope the map gives you guys better visualization! P.s. Wow, the title changed!

    “The fierce tiger paying respect to the wolf must have an ulterior motive.” Amid the silence, Liu Yue spoke slowly.

    Xuan Yuan Che nodded when he heard her and responded, “That’s the principle. ” Otherwise, did the Crown Prince of the Ao Yun Kingdom had nothing else to do but to travel to Tian Chen Kingdom through the thousands of mountains and miles of river?

    It was well known that the Tian Chen Kingdom was weaker than the Ao Yun Kingdom. Even if the Ao Yun Kingdom wanted to congratulate the Tian Chen Kingdom’s Emperor’s birthday, there was no reason for them to send their Crown Prince himself.

    “What is their motive? “Imperial Consort Chen knitted her brows and frowned deeply as she inquired, gazing at Liu Yue.

    Hearing this, Liu Yue could only shrug her shoulders and reply, “How would I know? ”

    She did not rule the Seven Kingdoms, nor did she entertain any thoughts of being enthroned as a female Emperor. She only possessed the most basic and commonly known general knowledge about the Seven Kingdoms. For answers to such questions, it should be directed to the ministers and officials in the imperial court and not to Liu Yue.

    Seeing this, Imperial Consort Chen twitched her eyebrows and realized that she had asked the wrong person. Why had she asked Liu Yue about matters of government affairs? She then immediately turned her head and looked at Xuan Yuan Che.

    Without waiting for her ask, Xuan Yuan Che directly said, “I don’t know either. ”

    dop693Did they wish to swallow up the Tian Chen Kingdom? Tian Chen Kingdom and Ao Yun Kingdom were still geographically divided by the Chen Kingdom. No one had ever heard about one Kingdom swallowing another when a third Kingdom was in between the two. Plus, though the Tian Chen Kingdom was weaker than the Ao Yun Kingdom, it wasn’t all that much weaker.

    Then, was it about wealth? Natural Resources? Manpower? Looking at the whole world, who could compare with the Ao Yun Kingdom in these areas? Could these be their motives? If it were said aloud, nobody would even believe it. Therefore, Xuan Yuan Che really couldn’t guess the purpose of Du Gu Ye’s visit.

    “Isn’t this under the responsibility of the Left Minister? He should contribute this time.” Liu Yue picked her chopsticks back up and twirled it on her fingertips, smiling evilly. Then, she continued eating her lunch.

    Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Che and Imperial Consort Chen looked at each other and grinned simultaneously.

    It was only natural that civil officials should welcome the civil officials of other Kingdoms and military officers would welcome the military officers of other Kingdoms.

    Regarding the arrival of the Crown Prince of Ao Yun Kingdom, the anxious ones should be the Left Minister, the Crown Prince and his party. The King of Yi’s faction should just watch silently and see what happens.

    “Eat. Eat. This sweet soup tastes very good today.” Imperial Consort Chen smiled as bright as the sunlight.

    Xuan Yuan Che continued his plan of feeding his Little Princess Consort. The people in the house were in a state of happiness and harmony, relaxed and worry-free.

    Though the scene of spring time was beautiful beyond compare, it had turned into a scorching summer before long.

    Time went by quickly. More than a month seemed to have passed in a flash.

    The fiftieth birthday of the Tian Chen Kingdom’s Emperor would be celebrated in the next few days. The capital was decorated with lanterns and colorful banners. The atmosphere was jubilant and bustling with excitement.

    Strings of vivid red banners that decorated the Capital City of Tian Chen Kingdom had amplified the already scorching hot summer weather into a hot furnace.

    And amid this fiery hotness, King Yi, Xuan Yuan Che even added more fuel to the fire by the birthday present he gave to his Father, the Emperor of the Tian Chen Kingdom. The gift was gold, silver, jewels, shops and properties land deeds that was worth a total of four million and five hundred thousand gold leaves.

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