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Chapter 70-Visitors With Bad Intentions (2)

    Chapter 70-Visitors With Bad Intentions (2)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Krithika, Shipreck

    EDC by Rend, Surjit

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Thank you sponsor!

    dop692More than four million in gold, silver and jewels was given to celebrate the Emperor’s birthday! This had never happened before throughout the history of the Tian Zhen Kingdom, and would probably never happen again.

    Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi, on getting such wealth, immediately issued an Imperial Edict and rewarded Xuan Yuan Che to recognize Xuan Yuan Che’s efforts officially.

    At once, all the civil and military officials eagerly praised Xuan Yuan Che for his filial piety that reached up to the heavens. The common folks also eagerly talked about King Yi’s generosity. His popularity was almost as high as that of Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi himself, whose birthday was the one being celebrated.

    Gearing up everyone to spread their good names, from the top of the hierarchy, the Emperor, right down to the bottom, the peasants, could only be possible thanks to Liu Yue, who was the one advising Xuan Yuan Che from the shadows and the only one bold and brazen enough to use such tactics.

    Money should be given in the open,and wealth should be spent on weapons. This is the motto Liu Yue had followed strictly in her heart.

    There were only two days to go until the celebration of the Emperor’s birthday. Du Gu Ye, the Crown Prince of the Ao Yun Kingdom, who had entered the territory of Tian Zhen Kingdom one month ago, had finally arrived the capital.

    The Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng, accompanied by the Left Minister, went out from the Palace Gates and welcomed the Crown Prince of the Ao Yun Kingdom personally. They welcomed him from the entrance gates of the Yellow Tune Street.

    The Royal Guards stood solemnly while the soldiers were spread out amongst the welcoming procession. A red carpet was rolled out at the gate of the palace.

    Numerous civilians eagerly rushed to the streets wishing to see the face of the Crown Prince of the Ao Yun Kingdom.

    Not for any other reason, but because it was said that the Crown Prince of Ao Yun Kingdom, Du Gu Ye, and their own King Yi were named the Dual Kings of this world.

    Rumors said that, Du Gu Ye had a beautiful appearance and was one of the most talented people of this world. In Tian Zhen Kingdom, only their King Yi could be comparable to him.

    Rumors said that, at the age of seven, Du Gu Ye was ranked above most of the Imperial Court Officials and started commanding the warlords. When he was ten, he had abolished the inefficient ancient system and selected capable officials. In six years, under his guidance, Ao Yun became the number one Kingdom. At sixteen, he strategized and assimilated the seven small kingdoms around Ao Yun Kingdom into one, thereby sweeping away all the obstacles surrounding the Ao Yun Kingdom.

    The strategies he devised in the command tent, won victories in battles a thousand miles away.

    If Xuan Yuan Che was the unparalleled genius of the Tian Zhen Kingdom, then Du Gu Ye was the ‘talent seen once in a century’ of Ao Yun Kingdom. The juxtaposition of the two men was like the south and the north competing for glory.

    In Yellow Tune street, numerous civilians flocked behind and around the heavily-armed Royal guards.

    Apricot Flower Cove was the largest restaurant on Yellow Tune Street, and it was currently packed to the brim with people.

    At the best table on the second floor of this restaurant, overlooking the street, Liu Yue was playing with a cup of the restaurant’s signature red wine in her hand. In her previous life, as a mercenary always living on the brink of death, even a fine wine was poison. As a mercenary, youwould have to either remain sober even after a thousand cups of wine or not drink any at all.

    She used to be able to remain sober even after a thousand cups of wine in her previous life, but her current body had not yet been trained to that state. So it was better to drink less. Besides, she doesn’t like to drink alcohol anyway.

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