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Chapter 72-Visitors With Bad Intentions (4)

    Chapter 72-Visitors With Bad Intentions (4)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Krithika, Shipreck

    EDC By: Rend, Surjit

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

    Sixteen spotless snowy white horses of the highest pedigrees carrying sixteen brawny, huge men with a fierce aura led the way for the palanquin. The men were attired in shiny armor and radiated arrogance with their inexpressive faces.


    Behind them, sixteen people carried a magnificent, grand palanquin painted in gold and white, marching forward steadily. There wasn’t much decoration on the palanquin, it was just the gold and white colour of the palanquin body. However, the white coloured palanquin base was decorated in silver silk, while gold-coloured dragon statues decorated the top of the palanquin. Although these decorations were simple, they were a rare treasure and a luxury beyond compare.

    Just like how Liu Yue’s silver silk gloves were simple but invulnerable, and yet it was Tian Chen Kingdom’s invaluable treasure.

    Yet the fact that the whole palanquin was made by these materials clearly showcased the extravagance and wealth of the Ao Yun Kingdom.

    Behind the large palanquin that was carried by sixteen people, there were only a hundred guards that followed. However, each of them strode with the power of a dragon and the footsteps of a tiger. Every single one of them was a strong warrior and an expert martial artist.

    As the thundering sound of the welcoming ceremony echoed throughout the area, Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng and the Left Minister sitting high on their horses straightened their postures and urged their horses forward to receive the honored guest.

    “I, the Crown Prince of Tian Zhen Kingdom, welcome the Crown Prince of the Ao Yun Kingdom on behalf of the Emperor. The Emperor is extremely happy that you came all the way from Ao Yun.” Xuan Yuan Cheng, clothed in a yellow embroidered official robe, stood in the middle of the road with a smile on his face.

    The tone of his voice was neither arrogant nor humble.

    The sixteen riders halted and parted, bowed their respects as the sixteen people carrying the palanquin marched forward.

    “The Ao Yun Kingdom and the Tian Zhen Kingdom have always had good relations. There is no need to stand on ceremony. ” A cold voice was heard as the sixteen people carrying the palanquin came to a halt. A fair and slender hand, slowly lifted the veil of the palanquin and Du Gu Ye descended from it.

    Liu Yue immediately turned her head to look.

    His waist length hair was tied together as they hung loosely behind his back. Beneath his perfectly arched eyebrows were a pair of beautiful eyes. Heavens! What kind of eyes were these? His irises were a combination of an insightful black with a hint of ocean blue. They possessed an icy coldness that could freeze everything, yet they were so beautiful thatpeople couldn’t take their gaze off them, mesmerized.

    The rosy lips beneath his tall nose were slightly parted. Such an exceedingly beautiful visage, so beautiful that it would even cause cities and kingdom to fall.

    (TLN: An idiom. 倾国倾城 meaning so beautiful as to cause cities and kingdom to fall. )

    (Shiro: No I have no idea how a guy can be beautiful enough to cause kingdoms to fall-it’s in the raws)

    dop722Clothed in a moonlight white long gown that fluttered in the gentle breeze under the radiant sun. He looked like a celestial being that had descended onto Earth, elegant but extremely cold. (Shiro: Yes the manhua draw it black)

    His eyes swept across the crowd, seemingly radiating an unearthly coldness that froze everyone and everything to their place.

    His coldness was not like Xuan Yuan Che’s cold aloofness, but a kind of icy cold apathy that seemed like everything in the world did not exist in his sight.

    His cold aura spread out, causing others to praise his beautiful appearance, without the audacity to have any filthy thoughts.

    If Xuan Yuan Che was said to be the combination of the Asura and a Devil, then Du Gu Ye was an ice lotus in the snow. One is alluring and cold blooded while the other, cool and impeccable.

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