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Chapter 73-Visitors With Bad Intentions (5)

    Chapter 73-Visitors With Bad Intentions (5)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Shipreck

    EDC By: Rend

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

    Liu Yue raised her brows at the sight. No wonder he was as famous as Xuan Yuan Che in this world. He was indeed superior compared to other people; even she had to praise such a distinguished presence.

    Li Yue’s eyes locked onto Du Gu Ye as she continued to examine him. Suddenly, she felt a slight pain in her waist, causing her to immediately turn around.

    Xuan Yuan Che was right beside her, glaring at Du Gu Ye. His fingers were firmly pinching her waist, as a cold aura enshrouded his bewitching face.

    This guy, was he jealous?

    Liu Yue understood instantly, and couldn’t help but feel both happy and amused.She stretched out to grab the hand pinching her waist and held it tightly for a few seconds. All humans had the tendency to love beauty, and admire beautiful things. This was an instinct.

    However, she was not a foolish, starry-eyed, infatuated girl. She had just given him a quick once-over. What was this person even jealous of?

    Feeling Liu Yue’s grip, Xuan Yuan Che turned his hand over and tightly gripped Liu Yue’s hand, then turned his head and glared at Liu Yue. The meaning of that glare was obvious: Don’t look at him. If you want to look at someone, just look at me.

    Liu Yue immediately chuckled. This Xuan Yuan Che.

    “Crown Prince Ye, please, you first.” Xuan Yuan Che’s voice was heard below.

    “Crown Prince Cheng, please, you first. ” An apathetic and extremely cold voice replied.

    However, no one minded it at all. The fact that Du Gu Ye, the Crown Prince of Ao Yun Kingdom, had a very cold temperament was well known throughout the kingdoms.

    As she grasped Xuan Yuan Che’s hand, Liu Yue stuck her head out again. Du Gu Ye’s aura was a bit odd; it was the first time she felt a bit uncertain.

    Du Gu Ye leapt onto a horse and went forward so that he was shoulder to shoulder with Xuan Yuan Cheng.

    As the horses’ hooves clattered forward, the cool and magnificent Du Gu Ye suddenly turned his head consciously. It looked like he was looking at Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue. That frigid pair of eyes seemed to understand everything clearly.

    Liu Yue’s dark black eyes met with the prince’s dark blue eyes. Their eyes were calm, yet they seemed to understand everything.

    dop731Liu Yue had no doubts about it; he had recognized her, even though she believed that her name was not famous enough to be known throughout the continent.

    The dark blue eyes scanned past Liu Yue’s face and onto Xuan Yuan Che beside her.

    Xuan Yuan Che’sdark red eyes clashed with Du Gu Ye’s dark blue eyes. These were primary colors that can combine to form numerous different colors.

    Xuan Yuan Che was holding Liu Yue’s hand with one hand and holding a glass of wine with the other as he stared expressionlessly into Du Gu Ye’s eyes.

    Sparks flew, and the auras emitted from them were shocking.

    The two wonderful noble men, famous all throughout the wide world, were now facing each other from the distance.

    After quite some time, Xuan Yuan Che slowly raised the glass of wine in his hand towards Du Gu Ye.

    And at the same time, Du Gu Ye nodded towards Xuan Yuan Che. He had not given even one humble bow to the Crown Prince, yet he gave it to his rival, Xuan Yuan Che.

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