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Chapter 74-Visitors With Bad Intentions (6)

    Chapter 74-Visitors With Bad Intentions (6)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Shipreck, Kirithika, TaffyGirl13

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

    Only a true rival can win the respect of the other.

    Turning his head, Du Gu Ye rode his horse away without looking back.

    Xuan Yuan Che drank the wine in his cup in one gulp and stopped watching.

    It was the first time their paths had crossed, but it would not be the last.

    “How could a person be cold to this degree? ” Yan Hu, who had been standing right behind Liu Yue, twitched as the distance between Du Gu Ye and Xuan Yuan Che increased. The Royal Army started to disperse, and the previously silent citizens below immediately also began to clamor.

    Du Gu Ye’s coldness was not like the sharp chill of an assassin, nor the King’s coolness. It was a coldness that possessed no emotions, as if he was a one-thousand-year old ice that had been created wrongly and had become a human instead.

    Xuan Yuan Che pondered in silence for some time when he heard this and then responded, “That is because there is no one in this world that can ruffle his emotions.”

    After Xuan Yuan Che spoke, Qiu Hen immediately took a deep breath. No one. That meant he despised and looked down on everyone and everything. This ice-like man had such dominance and pride.

    Liu Yue remained quiet as she listened to Xuan Yuan Che. Her pupils shifted slightly as she thought: ‘if the icy eyes just now were a different color, how bright would they be?’

    The early summer sunshine spilled down onto the Yellow Tune Street, bringing with it a hot yet ice-cold aura.

    During the birthday celebration for the Emperor of the Tian Chen Kingdom, Liu Yue, who was not an official, was not allowed to access the Golden Hall. Thus, she had missed what had happened in the Imperial Court. Still, she had had the chance to watch the sparks between the exchange of the two world-famous men at a close distance.

    However, Liu Yue did not feel any disappointment, since she did not have much interest in these things. She was more curious about the Left Minister, who had not made any move after such a long time. Now that the Crown Prince of Ao Yun Kingdom, Du Gu Ye, had arrived, it was a good opportunity to attack.

    Afterwards, she leisurely went to the special manor in the outskirts of the capital to continue instructing the Blood Shadow Guards.

    However, she could not stay for long, as there was a birthday dinner banquet during the night. Although Liu Yue had not yet married Xuan Yuan Che, she was already considered the daughter in law of the Imperial Family. Thus, she was also counted as one of the female members in the family, and had to be present at the Emperor’s birthday dinner banquet.

    dop741The palace was filled with rich colors and was a dazzling sight to behold.

    Glittering stars shone down upon Tian Chen Palace as it burst with celebration for the joyous occasion. This made the colorful palace even more radiant and overwhelmingly bright.

    The Tian Chen Kingdom Palace Main Hall, Sky Palace, was bustling with excitement.

    The Emperor of the Tian Chen Kingdom sat proudly, high up on his dragon throne, while Empress Liu sat on his left and Imperial Consort Chen sat on his right. His refined face appeared to be very pleased.

    The Crown Prince of Ao Yun Kingdom, Du Gu Ye, who had especially come to celebrate the Emperor’s birthday, sat on the first distinguished seat below on the Emperor’s left. The Left Minister, Right Minister and their wives, were seated behind Du Gu Ye.

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