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Chapter 75-Visitors With Bad Intentions (7)

    Chapter 75-Visitors With Bad Intentions (7)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Krithika, TaffyGirl13

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Thank you sponsors!!

    At the Emperor’s right hand, in the very first and most distinguished seat, sat the Crown Prince, Xuan Yuan Cheng. After him, the Second Prince, Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue were seated.

    The other princes were not yet married; so only Xuan Yuan Che had Liu Yue with him. Hence Liu Yue sat alone in the designated seats set asidefor the princes’ consorts.

    Clothed in a pink and purple dress, her long hair that was usually styled in a thick braid, was now coiled up meticulously on top of her head in honor of the formal occasion. However, two tendrils hung down, framing her face, since she was still regarded as a maiden. Liu Yue had insisted on wearing only a single emerald green, peacock hairpin instead of hairdo decorated with various pearls and hair ornaments.In a competition surrounded by beautiful women, this was considered as extremely plain.

    (TLN: In Ancient China, girls wore their hear down when they were still a maiden and wear their hair up when they were married)

    For the feast celebrating the Emperor’s birthday, Tian Chen Palace had been divided into three halls. The kings, generals and ministers were feasting in the Main Hall graced by the august presence of the Emperor himself, while the third rank officers and their wives were seated in the Secondary Hall. Lastly, the lower ranks were seated in the Lower Secondary Hall.

    Without the presence of the Emperor, the Secondary Hall and the Lower Secondary Hall were apparently more relaxed, with laughter and exciting noises rippling around. It was a nice contrast to the subdued Main Hall.

    Liu Ye sat beside Xuan Yuan Che, twirling a glass of fine wine between her fingertips. She cast a glance at Du Gu Ye from across the table.

    At this time, Du Gu Ye had changed out of the moonlight white robe that had made him seemed like a celestial being into light red and golden robe. Seen from afar, it seemed like a ball of tender fire had enveloped a millennia-old ice. He did not appear to be too haughty; on the contrary, the robe suited him extremely well.

    Beside her, Xuan Yuan Che was clothed in dark red, embroidered, official robes projecting a cool and arrogant aura. Between the two of them, one was icy and the other was cool, one wore light red and the other wore dark red as they faced off against each other from a distance.

    dop742“I, the Crown Prince of Ao Yun Kingdom, have heard that the Tian Chen Emperor loves the sound of the musical flute. I know a little bit about the instrument, so how about I play a musical piece?Consider it played in celebration of the Emperor’s birthday.” Among the soft chatting sounds, Du Gu Ye’d icy voice suddenly spoke out.

    As he finished his words, the large hall had a moment of silence.

    It was rumored that the Crown Prince of Ao Yun Kingdom, Du Gu Ye, was proficient in lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy, painting and the ancient art of war. The sound of his flute was even more outstanding.

    Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Yi who sat high above him, immediately laughed. To be able to have the crown prince of the great Ao Yun Kingdom personally play a song to celebrate his birthday, it was a great honour to his Kingdom.

    He then laughed loudly and responded, “Alright, I will listen earnestly. ”

    The Left Minister and the others around immediately cheered, and the sounds of the applause rippled around.

    Only Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che remained silent.

    Casting a glance at Xuan Yuan Yi who was all smiles, Liu Yue inwardly sneered to herself. Du Gu Ye was lowering himself to play a piece of music for Xuan Yuan Yi, yet this Xuan Yuan Yi really believed it was out of good will? Unfortunately, such a simple act like this was more often not as easy as it seemed.

    Slowly sipping the wine held in her hand, Liu Yue leaned back on her chair and watched Du Gu Ye closely.

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