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Chapter 76-Visitors With Bad Intentions (8)

    Chapter 76-Visitors With Bad Intentions (8)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Krithika, TaffyGirl13, Rend

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Thank you sponsors!!

    dop 754The proud Du Gu Ye slowly took out a white, flawless flute out of his sleeves. His porcelain fair fingers gently brushed across as he calmly bowed towards Xuan Yuan Yi. Then, taking the flute near his mouth, he softly played a tune.

    A sublime musical composition poured down in torrents, as if thousands of trees were blooming brilliantly in spring time.

    The sound of the flute winded out like flowing water and a spring breeze. As they listened to the music, it seemed like they were in a garden filled with a springtime scenery. There was the jingling of flowing waters and fluttering of butterflies and bees as the spring breeze blew across the flower fields, bringing a fragrance that refreshed their minds. The music truly felt surreal, as if they had actually physically moved into the beautiful garden. It was like being intoxicated but unable to awake.

    The splendid Du Gu Ye was indeed extraordinary.

    Liu Yue closed her eyes slowly and listened carefully. Originally, she did not have any sense of music, but the previous Liu Yue was a girl that played musical instruments and understood musical tunes well. Unexpectedly, she have inherited this feature as well. Hence, she could also differentiate between good and bad music.

    She felt a spring breeze brush across her face. It seemed like millions of creatures could fall into deep sleep in this euphonious music. Silently and quietly, falling deep into a slumber.

    Asleep? Liu Yue’s slightly closed eyes suddenly flashed opened immediately. There was something wrong with this music.

    The flute’s sound possessed a really strong inner strength that could bewitch the human minds. If music had colours, this tone was like a painting with a myriad of different colours mixed and spiralling together, almost like an illusion. In other words, it was actually a hypnotism technique, the technique that she was familiar with and had once skilfullymastered before.

    Hypnotism through the flute. Turns out that Du Gu Ye had had such motive.

    Scanning past the Second Prince and the others beside her, every one of them had shut their eyes close and was listening to the music comfortably. Some had even nodded off. Xuan Yuan Yi who was sitting high above was all smiles as he closed his eyes slightly andlistening to the melody. They had all seemed to have fallen trap into this euphonious melody.

    dop755There was not a single person in the Main Hall that was awake.

    This music has the ability to charm people. However, Liu Yue did not particularly think it was remarkable.

    Music had a very strong mersmerizing power.

    Her brows furrowed slightly, Liu Yue locked her eyes at Du Gu Ye who was already watching her carefully.

    In his dark blue eyes, there were no surprise, no shock, and not even fear. He was simply staring at her emotionlessly.

    Liu Yue’s eyes immediately narrowed. This Du Gu Ye was looking down on her. He actually dared to look down on her, a hypnotizing expert.

    Before she finished her thoughts, Xuan Yuan Che, who was sitting beside her, suddenly stood up and strode towards the rows of drums and bells at the corner of the hall with a chilling aura. Those drums and bells were also a kind of musical instrument.

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