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Chapter 78-The Beginning of Chaos (2)

    Chapter 78-The Beginning of Chaos (2)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Krithika

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

    Standing behind Xuan Yuan Yi,Xuan Yuan Che’s dark red robes also fluttered as an aura circled around him and his black hair moved although there was no wind.

    The two people had begun competing with their inner strength, projecting it through their music.

    A deadly aura enveloped the flute’s sound. Under the high peaks and the trilling cascades, there lay hidden mounds of killing intent that concealed the sharpness of a million sword. Once released, it would be a strike with thunderous power.

    In contrast, the sounds of the golden drum were thundering and forceful. It was like the sound of thousands of mounted troops charging straight ahead on a boundless grasslands. Booming murderous intent soar straight through the sky. If either of them had made a move, the colors of the sky and the earth would probably changed.

    The two melodies were both arrogant, but one was cold and the other was hot. The melodies were like formless swords, meeting mid sky in a combat of life and death.

    The enormous hall was in complete silence.

    The faces of the officials below were either pale or flushed, like they had been affected by alcohol, they staggered, quivered, and trembled along with the vibrations of the two melodies.

    Especially among the civil officials led by the Left Minister, their bodies trembled like flower.

    The military officials led by General Mu Rong fared a lot better in comparison. Each one of them gritted their teeth, closed their eyes tightly and quietly fought back with their own inner strength.

    What kind of people were Xuan Yuan Che and Du Gu Ye? The two were the most excellent ones among the young generation today and possessed transcendental martial arts. These two were not ordinary people.

    In such a match, fought with all their strength, the melody that was instilled with all their inner strength was like a sharp sword and could not be underestimated.

    The wine glasses and dishes in the banquet, clattered on the tables as they vibrated with the notes of the music.

    The Secondary Hall of Tian Chen Palace and the Lower Secondary Hall had also quietened down, as if these halls too had felt the storms raging in the main hall. Across the Emperor’s birthday celebration, there was only a complete and empty silence as the previous noise and excitement had dissipated like a dream.

    Crackle! The jade bowls and plates could no longer withstand the pressure and shattered suddenly with loud crashes. Wine flowed onto the floor and the artfully presented food was now a scattered mess.

    dop771“Crash!” Liu Yue glanced at the cup in her hands. It had split into two and the wine within had spilled onto her body.

    The smile she had showed till then disappeared and Liu Yue also became stern at that moment. She who did not have inner strength, felt taxed by such combat of the inner strength as she listened.

    From the corner of her eyes, she glanced at the First ranked Imperial Consorts opposite her who had already fainted, frothing at the mouth. It was obvious that they had been blasted and injured by the inner strengths of Xuan Yuan Che and Du Gu Ye.

    She glanced up at Imperial Consort Chen and the others that were seated high above and noticed that the faces of Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi, Empress Liu and Imperial Consort Chen were already ashen but they were still holding on firmly. If they had crumpled, then Tian Zhen Kingdom would have no face left to speak of.

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