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Chapter 79-The Beginning of Chaos (3)

    Chapter 79-The Beginning of Chaos (3)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko, GT

    Edited By: Krithika

    TLC By:Shiroyukineko

    The sound of the flute and drums became increasingly sharper, almost breaking through the rooftop and straight towards the clouds.

    Liu Yue furrowed her brows slightly. If this fight was not halted, the Main Hall would definitely be torn apart by these two.

    Furthermore, even if Xuan Yuan Che and Du Gu Ye had not aimed their attacks towards the people in the Main Hall, the overflow from their surging Inner Energies could probably kill others in the vicinity who had not been trained in martial arts.

    dop771She might not care about the other people in the Hall, but she couldn’t ignore Xuan Yuan Che’s imperial mother, Imperial Consort Chen.

    Looking around, she spotted a group of palace girls from the Musical Department who had fallen unconscious in the corner. Surrounding them were various musical instruments such as the zither, guzheng, flute and pipa.

    Standing up, she quickly headed towards the seven-stringed zither. Liu Yue sat cross-legged, restraining the turbulence in her heart as she plucked its strings with her fingers.

    It was her first time touching a zither and she hoped that her current body retained its muscle memories of how to play a zither.

    “Clang clang clang.” At first, her melody sounded unpleasant, but slowly the notes started to come together. The previous Liu Yue had been extremely skilled in zither.

    Her zither did not sound as clear and high as the flute, and also not as heavy and solemn as the drum. Instead, it sounded graceful and emotional.

    The sound had the same effect as admiring the beautiful sceneries on the banks of the Qin Huai River, stirring up a touch of lingering emotion and feelings. A trace of the endearing tune lingered in everyone’s ears, like the fragrant smell of a flower. Her elegant body played, her smile more beautiful than any scenery on earth.

    Her wistful zither tune, underneath the murderous aura, sounded like there were eighteen innocent ladies brought into an execution ground, punished unfairly, an unspeakably difficult situation.

    But it was this kind of heart wrenching pain that made the sound of flute and the drums falter and almost go out of tune.

    Liu Yue didn’t possess any Inner Energy and the only thing that was placing her above these two people was her killing intent. It was the killing intent trained from the depths of hell.

    It was neither sharp nor austere. It wasn’t like soldiers marching on an endless prairie, nor was it like a musical composition that was imbued with hidden killing arts. It was simply pure killing intent.

    Unbridled, pure and concentrated killing intent, like it was emitting out from the Death God himself.

    As the wistful tune continued, it produced visions of the eighteen enchanting girls stepping into the execution ground. At their back, a sinister looking Death God lifted his sickle high up. The images that Liu Yue invoked with her music were totally unharmonious, yet they projected formidable power.

    It was a power that could destroy the world.

    dop801It was a power that could rule the whole world.

    The sound of flute stopped abruptly as Du Gu Ye lifted his eyes and stared at Liu Yue, who had both of her eyes closed, with a trace of astonishment in his eyes.

    A killing intent so intense that it had actually affected him! There was even a tinge of fear spreading through the depths of his heart. How could that have happened?

    With the flute falling silent, the sound of the golden drum also started to fade away as Xuan Yuan Che turned around to look at the one emitting the shockingly powerful killing intent. Such a piercing killing intent could be from none other than his Little Princess Consort.

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