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Chapter 80-The Beginning of Chaos (4)

    Chapter 80-The Beginning of Chaos (4)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited By: Krithika

    TLC By:Shiroyukineko

    But the killing intent that Liu Yue had displayed earlier was one designed for intimidation and tyranny. This time, it was a killing intent at its pinnacle that could bring out extreme fear in people’s heart.

    Liu Yue’s closed eyelids suddenly opened in an instant, her abyss deep pupils looking calm and unruffled. Not a single trace of emotions could be seen. However, her gaze wasn’t empty. It was an apathetic gaze that seemed to look down upon everyone in the world.

    Du Gu Ye shivered a little. What a frightening gaze!

    The sound of his flute slipped a few notes and Xuan Yuan Che’s drum sounds also faltered a little. Both of them slowly drew back their Inner Energies, little by little.

    The crowd in the Main Hall slowly let out a breath of relief. How dangerous! If the two princes had increased their Inner Energies by even just a little bit more, they might probably have needed to bury their dead bodies here.

    dop791However, they had not even managed to finish their breath before they felt the intense killing intent down to their bones. It was a killing intent aura that meant sure death for everyone in its presence.

    Everyone in the Main Hall immediately turned into a statue as they were frozen stiff by the killing intent. Before they managed to wipe the sweat beads that had formed on their forehead, the hairs on their backs stood on end.

    Such a killing intent, it was beyond frightening!

    Liu Yue’s fingers didn’t stop plucking on the strings of the zither as her killing intent intensified.

    The flute sound went softer suddenly and there was a break in the tune. The drum sound went fainter as Xuan Yuan Che’s thundering drum beats broke the leather of the drumheads.

    The flute and the golden drum sound both stopped at the same time.

    The immense Inner Energy that had surged out in all directions completely settled down.

    And at the same time, the sure-death killing intent quickly vanished, like a wave during low-tide, as it returned back into Liu Yue’s body.

    The guests sitting in the Hall felt like everything had disappeared in the blink of an eye. That icy breeze that seemed to appear from the depths of hell disappeared like it had never existed before.

    Her two hands stretched out to press on the strings as Liu Ye’s eyes slowly closed.

    That year, one thousand ten-year-old children were thrown inside the Amazon Forest, and only one was allowed to come back. If they wanted to return, they would need to kill all the other children and confront all the beasts in the jungle.

    It was a test epitomizing the belittling of human lives and also the most unreasonable demand in a lifetime.

    When she became the first and the last one to return that day, her body had been emitting such an energy, a Death God’s sure-death killing intent. A killing intent that would be able to destroy every single lifeform.

    It was only after years of training that she managed to suppress such an intense killing intent. She was a living person, and she didn’t want to become a killing machine. She had her own feelings. She had to surpass her own dark past and never again would she allow herself to fall back into the depths of it. Absolutely never!

    Today, Xuan Yuan Che and Du Gu Ye were simply too strong. She had had to raise her negative feelings to their summit, before she could suppress their Inner Energies. She almost couldn’t handle her own killing intent.

    Although the Main Hall was a bunch of chaos, it was engulfed in a deathly silence.

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