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Chapter 82-The Beginning of Chaos (6)

    Chapter 82-The Beginning of Chaos (6)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Krithika

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

    Other than Xuan Yuan Che, no one else in the Hall had understood the conversation between Du Gu Ye and Liu Yue. They stared speechlessly at each other, thinking, never before had they heard a person who agreed straight away to someone who, to be modest, had said that their skill was just a trifle. Besides, the person who had agreed so quickly was Du Gu Ye who had clearly lost in the clash.

    Only Xuan Yuan Che understood that Liu Yue ‘s words of modesty had actually meant to be an insult to Du Gu Ye’s skill with the flute. Du Gu Ye, on the other hand, had admitted to it.

    The Main Hall was in a mess. Everyone was in confusion about what to do if this birthday banquet was to continue.

    Xuan Yuan Yi immediately waved his hand and commanded Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng and King Yi Xuan Yuan Che to extend the hospitality of Tian Chen Kingdom towards the Crown Prince of Ao Yun Kingdom, as he, the Emperor, would be leaving first.

    When Du Gu Ye showed his skills, the Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng had been unable to endure his attack. He wouldn’t even know when danger was headed his way, so the Emperor had commanded Xuan Yuan Che to accompany the Crown Prince for his safety.

    At that command, Liu Yue’s sharp eyes noticed that the faces of the Left Minister and Empress Liu had turned ashen. On the other hand, Imperial Consort Chen was beaming with pleasure.

    Xuan Yuan Che was already on par with Xuan Yuan Cheng, and now the Emperor had commanded the two of them to entertain the Crown Prince of Ao Yun Kingdom. Wasn’t it obvious that the position of the crown prince was leaning towards Xuan Yuan Che’s Faction?

    The radiance of the stars shone brightly that night with the full moon and the cool breeze of night.

    Xuan Yuan Che had stayed behind at the Palace to entertain Du Gu Ye. Liu Yue, on the other hand, had silently slipped away when she saw that the Left Minister’s subordinates had suddenly left the Palace.

    The second day after the birthday banquet, the imperial family’s hunting event was held.

    Ideally, this hunting event should have happened during the seasons of spring and autumn. However, there was a tradition set by the ancestors who had founded the kingdom years ago. Once a year, every male royal family member should compete in a hunting competition. The ancestors had fought hard on horsebacks to make the kingdom what it was today, so the later generations should not forget their efforts. Therefore, since the whole of royal family had been gathered for the Emperor’s birthday, on the second day after the birthday, a hunting competition was organised to compare the military skills of the male members of the imperial family.

    Early in the morning of the second day, Xuan Yuan Che, the other Xuan Yuan family members and the imperial court officials headed towards the Imperial hunting grounds along with Du Gu Ye who was also invited to participate in this event.

    About 15 li from the outskirts of the Tian Chen Kingdom’s Capital, lay the hunting grounds of the Tian Chen Imperial family. The hunting grounds covered two tall mountains on which numerous animals had been reared.

    (TLN: Li is ancient China’s unit of measurement. 1 Li is 500m)

    dop822Although the beginning of summer had arrived, the weather was still warm and gentle. It was the perfect time where both pasturage and animals abounded.

    In a small, open meadow before the dense mountain forest,sweet wine and seats were placed for Empress Liu, Imperial Consort Chen and some others. Liu Yue, Liu Xin Qing and a few others, including even the most beautiful girl in the Tian Chen Kingdom, Mu Rong Xin, whom Liu Yue had never seen before, accompanied them.

    Seated according to the pecking order, General Mu Rong sat behind Liu Yue.

    Liu Yue played with the dried fruit in her hands as her mouth curved in an expression that seemed like a smile but wasn’t really one, thinking to herself, “Going to the extent of even bringing out Mu Rong Xin! Mu Rong Wu Di, you must really want to create ties with the ones in higher positions.”

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