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Chapter 83-The Beginning of Chaos (7)

    Chapter 83-The Beginning of Chaos (7)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited By: Krithika

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

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    However, she didn’t have the leisure to play with him today. She had more important things to do.

    A gong was rung and a horn was blown loudly. The Imperial Royal Guards who were guarding the perimeters, immediately moved as fast as the wind and entered the forest in an orderly manner. They were trying to encircle all the animals in the forest and drive them towards the hunting party.

    Xuan Yuan Che and the others wore suits of armour that covered their entire bodies as they sat proudly on their horses. Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi, the leader of the group, was clad in golden armour and held a large bow in his arms.

    Behind the Royal Family, Mu Rong Wu Di and the other generals followed closely. The Ministers on the other hand, stayed behind on one side and waited upon the Empress and other female members of the Royal Family. It almost seemed like they were sucking up to the Empress.

    “Yue Er.” As Liu Yue was still observing the environment, a gentle and warm voice resounded behind her. It wasn’t Mu Rong Wu Di, but it was his wife, Xiang An Chen.

    Liu Yue turned her head indifferently and observed Xiang An Chen fleetingly. Over sixty years old, her hair was almost completely filled with silver threads, but she was still spirited and healthy. However, Liu Yue did not respond to her at all. She had no attachment whatsoever towards the members of the Mu Rong Residence. Everyone there were simply trying to gain her favour for personal benefits. Otherwise, why would they act so intimate?

    dop812Despite Liu Yue’s cold treatment, Xiang An Chen was not angry. Instead, she smiled and whispered, “Yue Er, could you do the Mu Rong Clan a favour?” She patted her hands on Mu Rong Xin, who was sitting right beside her as she voiced out her request. Then she lifted her head and looked towards the cold and emotionless Du Gu Ye, who was sitting upright on a seat a short distance away from them.

    Beautiful and demure like a Chinese Peony, alluring like an autumn scenery. Mu Rong Xin was indeed beautiful, much more beautiful than Liu Xin Qing and the others.

    However, in Liu Yue’s eyes, Mu Rong Xin and Du Gu Ye belonged to totally different dimensions.

    She didn’t say any more words, but Xiang An Chen knew that Liu Yue had understood her meaning. This Liu Yue, although she was still young and tender, her mind was that of a mature woman’s.

    “Aren’t you impudent?”, Liu Yue thought to herself laughing coldly. Failing to pair Mu Rong Xin to Xuan Yuan Che or Xuan Yuan Cheng, the Mu Rong Residence had even gone so far as to think of pairing her to Du Gu Ye. This Mu Rong Residence had really tried to reach beyond their means.

    “Liu Yue, catch.” Before she could finish her thoughts and retort back, Xuan Yuan Che suddenly threw a bow towards her.

    Liu Yue flicked her wrist and caught the bow that Xuan Yuan Che threw to her. Staring at Xuan Yuan Che with raised eyebrows, she thought that though she was proficient with all sorts of modern weapons and gadgets she was not that proficient with the bow, since it was such a backward weapon technology. This was because she had much more powerful weapons to be used.

    “Let’s have a match.” Xuan Yuan Che looked at Liu Yue and flashed her a devilish smile.

    Behind him, Qiu Hen and the other generals immediately burst into a huzzah. In the Tian Chen’s Hunting Field, there was no such thing as female and male but only who was stronger.

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