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Chapter 84-The Beginning of Chaos (8)

    Chapter 84-The Beginning of Chaos (8)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited By: Krithika

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: What will happen if I say that this is the last chapter of the day…? Thank you sponsors!!

    “Let’s compete then.” Liu Yue stood up suddenly and flashed a smile towards Xuan Yuan Che. She secretly signalled toXuan Yuan Che with her eyes and he responded with a knowing smile. Then, he beckoned to his men to prepare their horses.

    “I would like to try too.” Just as Liu Yue finished her words, Du Gu Ye suddenly spoke out, with his icy voice.

    Why would this scholarly, celestial looking being that didn’t really seem to like physical fights show such interest in this today?However, Xuan Yuan Che naturally wouldn’t hinder the wishes of a guest.

    When the bows and arrows were fully prepared, the Emperor of the Tian Chen Kingdom, Xuan Yuan Yi, gave the order to ride out and the sons of the Tian Chen Imperial family galloped their horses directly into the dense forest, going their separate ways.

    Liu Yue did not follow Xuan Yuan Che, instead, she went in another direction. She was headed the same way as the Eighth Prince.

    “Third Sister In Law, you are really awesome.” The Eighth Prince, who was not much older than Liu Yue, had the rare opportunity to go in the same direction as she was. He immediately flashed her a joyous expression, speaking entirely with respect and admiration.

    “Thanks.” Seeing that the Eighth Prince’s sincerely praising her, Liu Yue responded with a nod.

    “No need to thank me. Third brother and I are best buddies… ” blabbering all the way, the Eighth Prince followed Liu Yue into the heart of the forest.

    “Whoosh.” A river deer collapsed on the ground.

    “Third Sister in Law, what are u using? Why is it so powerful?” the Eighth Prince asked curiously, seeing that whenever Liu Yue raised her hands, an animal would collapse. At this moment, the horses of the soldiers behind them were loaded with the animals killed by Liu Yue.

    Liu Yue raised her hands and answered with two words, “Sleeve arrows. ” Except that she was using a remodeled version of the sleeve arrows.

    “Third Sister In Law, give me one too!” the Eighth Prince came forward with a smiling expression.

    Liu Yue raised her brows when she saw this. This Eighth Prince really was being overly familiar. She paused at that moment and replied, “After we return, I…… ”

    “Swoosh.” Before she could complete her sentence, an arrow split the wind as it flew from within the dense forest, darting towards Liu Yue as fast as lightning.

    “Assassins! Protect the Third Sister In Law.” The Eighth Prince immediately tossed the bow and arrow in his hand away and grabbed the sword sheathed at his waist, rushing towards Liu Yue.

    The military officers and Imperial bodyguards who had been following closely behind them dashed forward together, roaring loudly.

    “Protect yourself.” A cold light flashed in Liu Yue’s eyes and she brandished the blade in her hand.

    With a clear clashing sound that echoed, the blade in Liu Yue’s hands slashed straight through the incoming arrowwhich fell to the ground in pieces.

    Just at the moment the broken arrow dropped, numerous other sharp arrows darted out simultaneously on all sides from the dense forest.

    dop841By the ferocious murderous auras and the arrows which sped as fast as light, you could tell that they were all skilled assassins.

    Liu Yue humphed frigidly as her hand flew to her waist. Xuan Yuan Che’s silver sword immediately shot out through the the air and confronted the sharp arrows coming from all sides of the forest.

    An onlooker could only see silver lights flashing across as Liu Yue faced the menacing, sharp arrows.

    Yet, behind Liu Yue’s back, a sharp, black arrow darted quicker than any of the other approaching arrows. As it was getting nearer to Liu Yue, the arrow suddenly divided into two and hurtled towards Liu Yue’s back. Liu Yue’s sword could only defend against one of the two arrows.

    “Third Sister In Law! ” The Eighth Prince was instantly shocked and terror-stricken.

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