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Chapter 85-A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (1)

    Chapter 85-A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (1)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited By: Krithika

    TLC By: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Just kidding. I like making fun of people xD Thank you sponsor!

    The surrounding people could only look on in horror as the black arrow almost struck Liu Yue’s back. Suddenly, a golden flash darted out behind Liu Yue’s back and struck at the incoming black arrow.

    There was only a loud “peng” as the black arrow fell to the ground, split neatly into two parts.

    A golden coloured arrow had plunged deeply into the ground right behind Liu Yue.

    As the sunlight shone through the trees, the golden arrow reflected golden rays, emitting a dazzling radiance.

    Seeing this, Liu Yue frowned slowly and turned towards the front. Du Gu Ye, wearing a white robe that contrasted his long blackhair, sat up high on his snow white horse’s back. Looking at Liu Yue, he slowly lowered the golden bow in his hands, his face as expressionless as always.

    dop831The three mounted guards behind him had already charged into the forest to chase after the assassins.

    Seeing this whole scene, the generals and guards who had been following Liu Yue and the Eighth Prince heaved a deep sigh of relief. Then they started to roar angrily and charged into the forest following the chase. How could someone dare to attempt an assassination on their Princess Consort?

    The fallen arrow was now powerless and useless.

    Liu Yue put away her sword, reined in her horse and sat up straight in her stirrups.

    Everything that had happened, occurred in just a moment.

    “Third Sister-In-Law, are you alright?” The Eighth Prince charged towards her, worry and anxiety filling his expression.

    “I’m alright.” Liu Yue did not even turn her head as she replied to the Eighth Prince with a short sentence. She stared fixedly at the black arrow that had been split into two, lying on the ground.

    What a magnificent archery skill. Du Gu Ye had shot an arrow out of nowhere, but he had thoroughly destroyed the hidden mark on the black arrow.

    Liu Yue quietly looked up towards the sky, suspiciously. That hidden mark was the Left Minister’s. She had intentionally made it look perfect and refined, all for today. She did not expect that Du Gu Ye’s archery skill was so accurate that he could destroy the hidden mark totally.

    Yesterday, she didn’t miss out on Empress Liu’s and Left Ministers expressions. Hence, she had secretly warned the Blood Shadow Guards that anything could happen in the forest today. A berserk wild beast, a stray arrow. This place was practically an assassination paradise.

    If the Left Minister did not make a move on the day of the hunt, then there might never be another chance to attack Xuan Yuan Che. Once Du Gu Ye left the Tian Chen Kingdom, Xuan Yuan Che could be promoted to the Crown Prince position at any time, kicking Xuan Yuan Cheng out from his position.

    Today was a good day. Through the Blood Shadow Guards, Liu Yue had received warning that the Left Minister had secretly made a move. However, rather than just allowing someone to use her as a target for their arrows, she would simply ensure that the blame fell rightly on the heads of the ones who committed the crime even if she had to fake some evidence. Liu Yue believed that one must control the decisive moment with their own hands, otherwise one would not be prepared to deal with whatever was coming. She didn’t like being caught unaware if that happened.

    Her heart was filled with fury but she maintained a calm demeanour as Du Gu Ye approached her slowly on his horse. Liu Yue forced two words out through her gritted teeth, “Thank you.”

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