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Chapter 89-A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (5)

    Chapter 89-A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (5)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Krithika, Rend

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Thank you sponsors!!

    There was only a few assassins, but every single one of them was definitely the equivalent of a hundred men in skill. Those dozens of Royal Guards that were guarding Xuan Yuan Che would be killed in just a single attack, as easy as cutting vegetables. Just in the few seconds it took Liu Yue to rush there, more than ten Royal Guards had collapsed.

    Now the assassins were risking their lives, attacking Xuan Yuan Che madly, as if the target they were assassinating was not Xuan Yuan Yi, but Xuan Yuan Che instead.

    Xuan Yuan Che looked austere standing on the cliff at the top of the mountain, . His hair flew in the sky while he was covered with blood and the silver sword in his hand had almost become covered in blood.

    He had already lost his horse.

    Beside him, Mu Rong Wu Di, Qiu Hen and the other Dragon Riders guarded him tightly as the two sides attacked each other fiercely.

    They wanted to kill Xuan Yuan Che.

    Liu Yue’s eyes instantly grew bloodshot as a ferocious murderous aura was released from her body.

    “Clank. ” A clear sound rang out as Xuan Yuan Che saw the sharp arrows that were flying towards him was knocked away in mid air by something. Unconsciously, he raised his head swiftly.

    In his sight, Liu Yue dressed in green and blue was rushing toward him madly with a murderous aura.

    The swords crossed and came in at an amazingly fast speed. A sword that struck out from an unimaginable direction and a life was instantly ended by Liu Yue’s hands.

    Liu Yue’s attacks were fast, and the speed of the snowy white ferghana horse was even faster. Wherever the girl and the horse passed, spots of blood would bloom like flowers beside her. The people near her couldn’t even see where the weapon was coming from before they had collapsed on the ground with extremely shocked lifeless eyes.

    There wasn’t any fierce resistance, and the blood dancing in the sky like flowers rained down. There was only the raising of a hand and the fall of the sword and death itself was the quick stroke of the sword. It was like the Grim Reaper’s deadly scythe reaping lives while all were in complete silent acceptance of their death, which was creepy in itself on this fierce battlefield.

    Deeply in Liu Yue’s eyes, heavy flames burned and showed her bloodthirsty soul.

    There were no expressions to be seen, no temperature to be felt, only the murderous aura, the thick cold murderous aura.

    Seeing this scene, Xuan Yuan Che widened his eyes slightly. It was the first time he saw Liu Yue attacking and killing someone. Even if he had seen Liu Yue’s fighting skills many times in the past, and knew that although Liu Yue’s moves were concise, they were powerful. He had yet however, to see Liu Yue kill someone.

    The icy cold apathy, and killing in one move. That kind of speed and that kind of assassination efficiency. Heavens!

    Killing people is not as easy as embroidering. Why would you need so many exaggerated and extravagant moves? Just one move. One move that would strike the vital parts and it would be enough.

    These were the words Liu Yue Yue had said in the past. He had first thought she was just words, as surely, it couldn’t possibly be enough to kill someone in one move.

    Now he knew that if Liu Yue had said it, she could and would, definitely do it.

    One move, just one move. Such conciseness that could not be any more succinct, yet a move so decisive that others could never endure it. A fatal move.

    Xuan Yuan Che was shocked.

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