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Chapter 91-A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (7)

    Chapter 91-A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (7)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Shiroyukineko

    TLC by:Shiroyukineko

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    Liu Yue slowly closed her eyes, allowing Xuan Yuan Che to kiss her gently while muttering, “All is fine if you are alright.”

    All is fine if he was alright. All is fine if her own Xuan Yuan Che was alright.

    His mouth curved into an extremely alluring smile and Xuan Yuan Che’s kiss became even more tender.

    The ground was full of corpses and the air was filled with the thick odor of blood. However, even in such a bloody battleground, where every blade was smeared with blood, the gentle kiss that they shared seem to create a field of blooming flowers around them. A field of fragrant, aromatic flowers.

    The battleground had turned quiet without any noises of the blades and swords clashing with each other. The ferocious murderous atmosphere had also disappeared. Now, everything was calm, only the sound of the wind passing by, the rustling of the trees and the soft moans of the wounded soldiers were heard.

    General Mu Rong Wu Di stood at one side silently. He had recovered from his shock at this time as he stared at the corpses lying all over the ground in front of him. His old-looking face twitched slightly.

    Amazing. Liu Yue’s sword was so sharp and concise, every move that she make was a fatal attack, slash by slash.

    DOP865His hands trembled slightly as he pondered, if this sword were to pierce his body, could he guard against it? He knitted his brows tightly as he realized the answer was no. Her sword moved in such a strange angle and slaughtered with such an acute sharpness that was impossible to resist or guard against.

    A single drop of cold sweat trickled down his temples as Mu Rong Wu Di secretly rejoiced in his heart. Fortunately, they had discovered her. Fortunately, they had chosen to stand by her side. Otherwise…

    The hot early summer wind blowed, causing the stench of blood to fill the air.

    At the side of the dense forest, Du Gu Ye watched the whole scene with a cold expression as shock flashed across his eyes. The breeze blew across his white robes that appeared graceful and pure.

    “Princess Consort, you are so powerful. “After the initial shock and surprise, Qiu Hen and the others immediately looked at Liu Yue with pure excitement. As expected, their Princess Consort was indeed powerful.

    Liu Yue had not even responded before Xuan Yuan Che pulled her tiny figure into his embrace and declared proudly, “Of course.”

    Hearing this, Liu Yue couldn’t help but flash him a smile. After sharing a secret smile with each other, Liu Yue swept a glance on the assassins dressed in green that were lying on the ground behind her. Her face darkened as she asked, “Who are they? ”

    “No idea. They weren’t the Left Minister’s men, or Du Gu Ye’s.” Xuan Yuan Che also turned solemn as he answered with a deep voice.

    These assassins skills were extremely high leveled. They were a lot more powerful than the Left Minister’s men that they knew. However, if compared to Du Gu Ye’s men, they were weaker. Therefore, the person behind these assassins’ attack was not the Left Minister and also not Du Gu Ye, the Crown Prince of the Ao Yun Kingdom.

    “If it wasn’t these two people, then who was behind this assassination?”Liu Yue furrowed her brows and pondered, ‘who else could have the audacity to attack Xuan Yuan Che?’

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