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Chapter 92-A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (8)

    Chapter 92-A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (8)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Austin, Shipreck, Shiroyukineko

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    It seemed like they were not after the life of Xuan Yuan Yi, Emperor of the Tian Chen Kingdom, but rather the head of Xuan Yuan Che.

    Qiu Hen, squatted down and took off the mask of a dead assassin,“Dark skinned and a large build. They didn’t come from the Tian Chen Kingdom.” he spoke in a sober voice as he scrutinized the body.

    The people of the Tian Chen Kingdom generally had a medium build. They didn’t have a build as large as the bodies before their eyes. With such stature, it was enough to know that they weren’t citizens of the Tian Chen Kingdom at a single glance. However, people with such stature were quite common in the other six kingdoms.

    If they weren’t Tian Chen Kingdom’s citizens, then was it people from the other kingdoms?Liu Yue immediately furrowed her brows and turned to look at Xuan Yuan Che.

    On the contrary, Xuan Yuan Che didn’t show any reaction. Noticing that Liu Yue was staring at him, he laughed emotionlessly at the whole situation and raising his eyebrows, said “There are many people in this world that are after my life. ”

    As he spoke, Liu Yue immediately understood that it was because Xuan Yuan Che was too outstanding. Just as Du Gu Ye was able to make Ao Yun Kingdom the highest ranked and most powerful kingdom in a few years, Xuan Yuan Che would also be able to make Tian Chen Kingdom rise above the other kingdoms.

    This would be a huge danger. Since he was unable to be used, then killing him would be the only choice.

    Anyone can exist within the Tian Chen Kingdom, except for Xuan Yuan Che alone. This person was a threat to the surrounding kingdoms, an extremely huge threat.

    Therefore, today was a good chance since the ancestral traditions of the Tian Chen Kingdom were not a secret.

    Reaching out her hands to hold Xuan Yuan Che’s, Liu Yue looked upward and assured him, “Don’t be afraid.”

    Xuan Yuan Che immediately laughed out loud when he heard her, and replied with a similarly arrogant tone, “If I was afraid, then I wouldn’t be able to live until today.” In the whole wide world, he, Xuan Yuan Che, had never been afraid of anyone.

    “Alright. Your imperial highness Third Prince, let’s return first and talk later.” Mu Rong Wu Di was old and wise after all, so he interrupted at that moment.

    Since it was the attempted assassination of Xuan Yuan Che, then currently, it would not be safe here.

    Xuan Yuan Che nodded and pulled Liu Yue along. Then he helped by supporting an Imperial Guard in front of him who had been seriously injured, and was half squatting, half crawling, unable to get up.

    Qiu Hen and the others around also started reorganizing.

    “Swoosh. ” Just at this moment, a sound of something breaking through sky was heard in the silent dense forest. A few metal balls the size of an infant’s fist flew towards Xuan Yuan Che with the speed of lightning.

    Mu Rong Wu Di roared out loud, “They have toxic gas inside them. Hold your breath and watch out.” his face began to change colors as his gaze swept past the metal balls.

    At the same time, Xuan Yuan Che also recognized this weapon and he swiftly grabbed the Imperial Guard and Liu Yue, and with a serious expression, began to retreat backwards leaving only an afterimage of his figure

    He was originally standing on a cliff on top of a mountain, yet when he retreated backwards, he immediately found himself standing on the edge…

    Before he could stand firmly, the seriously wounded Imperial Guard suddenly straightened his back and turned, hitting towards the chests of Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue.His palms were black as they were mixed with an extremely dense inner strength power and toxin martial arts.

    A spy.

    The three people were originally near each other, so if this attack that had the strength that could break mountains really struck the targets…

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