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Chapter 93-Crisis, One After Another (1)

    Chapter 93-Crisis, One After Another (1)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Austin, Surjit, Shipreck, Shiroyukineko

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    They were caught off guard as something unforeseen had arisen.

    All the people around immediately turned pale with fright.

    Nevertheless, what kind of person was Xuan Yuan Che? Amidst the heat of the moment, his face darkened in an instant as he switched his attack style with an incredible speed. He turned his hand into a palm and received the spy’s palm attack.

    dop931Simultaneously, Liu Yue emitted a murderous aura as she swung her sword down at the spy.

    A banging sound burst forth and Xuan Yuan Che could only feel a strong force rush at him. Even he couldn’t stand firmly after receiving the attack and staggered backwards.

    This person really had a powerful inner strength.

    Yet this step backwards resulted in his feet immediately began slipping down the cliff.

    Xuan Yuan Che immediately had a bad feeling within his heart. Seconds before he fell, he exerted all his strength and with his right hand and threw Liu Yue who had been in his embrace forward, while he himself fell backwards down the cliff.

    At the same time, the spy that had clashed with Xuan Yuan Che vomited blood as he turned his body and attempted to run away quickly.

    Unfortunately, a splash of blood accompanied his retreat, saturatingthe soil that had already been dyed red. The spy’s muscular body was suddenly cut in two as he fell to the ground.

    With one strike of her sword, Liu Yue had managed to cleave his body in half.

    With an ice cold expression, Liu Yue didn’t even look back at the spy that she had cut in half about the waist. She dashed towards the precipice, leaped and followed Xuan Yuan Che down without any second thoughts.

    The slim and tiny figure immediately vanished from the mountaintop.

    It all happened in the blink of an eye, so quick that before Mu Rong Wu Di, Qiu Hen, and the others could even grasp the situation, everything had already ended. On the edge of the cliff, the figures of their King and Princess Consort had already disappeared.

    Only a white swirl of toxic mist disappearing into the sky could be seen in the desolated area.

    “King…… ” The heartbroken howls echoed above the mountain.

    Liu Yue fiercely chased after Xuan Yuan Che down the cliff, diving head first as she reached out her hand to grab the falling Xuan Yuan Che.

    Xuan Yuan Che stared with bloodshot eyes at Liu Yue who had chased after him and roared loudly, “You are crazy.”

    It took him effort to throw her back onto the cliff and yet she still followed him and jumped down.

    “I am not crazy.” Liu Yue roared back in an even louder voice, flicking her wrist, the metal wrist band she was wearing, which didn’t look like a wrist guard or an armguard, suddenly sprang open as a thin string flew directly upwards from inside.

    Xuan Yuan Che couldn’t get a clear look at the item, yet his body suddenly jerked to a stop and swayed in the middle of the sky, no longer falling downwards.

    Xuan Yuan Chen’s eyes instantaneously widened and stared in extreme shock at the thing keeping him and Liu Yue suspended in the air. It was a Sky Silk.

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