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Chapter 96-Crisis, One After Another (4)

    Chapter 96-Crisis, One After Another (4)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Austin, Surjit, Shipreck, Shiroyukineko

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    “Eat it.” Seeing this, Liu Yue retrieved a white pill from her waist and directly administered it to Xuan Yuan Che’s mouth.

    Xuan Yuan Che cast a glance at Liu Yue who did not say anything much but had worry written all over her face. He immediately swallowed the pill given by Liu Yue without giving any thoughts to whether it was an antidote or a poison. Sitting down with legs crossed, he then flashed a smile at Liu Yue and said, “Give me an hour.”

    He normally wouldn’t take this bit of poisonous wounds seriously, but he didn’t want his Liu Yue to worry.

    Liu Yue remained silent when she saw this. Taking the sword from Xuan Yuan Che’s hands, she also sat on the ground, guarding beside Xuan Yuan Che as he forced the poison out.

    dop937 - CopyIn the midst of tall bushes, the two sat down quietly. Looking around the place, there seemed to be no others beside them, only a dense, boundless grassland could be seen.

    The fresh aroma of the grasses and trees under the blue sky lingered as the immense white clouds floated by. It was a good weather.

    Liu Yue sat unmoving like a statue beside Xuan Yuan Che while holding his sword. She watched quietly as the dark blood from Xuan Yuan Che’s fingertips dripped down drop by drop.

    “Creak.” A soft moving sound resounded as a smallgreen snake was pinned firmly to the ground by a sharp sword. Its body twisted a few times before stopping, lying still.

    She carried the lifeless snake with the tip of the sword and threw it far away, without making a single sound.

    Her movements didn’t disturb Xuan Yuan Che who was forcing the poison out.

    Liu Yue went back sitting like a statue beside Xuan Yuan Che. She supported herself with her hands as she stared at Xuan Yuan Che, who had his eyes closed in concentration.

    “Woosh.” The sound of the moving gentle wind drifted across. Liu Yue who had been silent like a statue suddenly pricked up her ears tore away her gaze from Xuan Yuan Che as she turned around.

    Other than the sound of the wind blowing across the grassland, there were no other sounds. It was really quiet, eerily quiet.

    Her eyes squinted slightly as Liu Yue grasped the sword in her hands. A gleam of bloodlust flashed across her eyes. This was not the sound of the wind ruffling the grasses; there were people around.

    Such an aura of killing intent could not possibly deceive her.

    Her mouth curved slowly as a bloodthirsty grin bloomed on her face.She reminisced the time when she was ten years old, when she was already crowned the Queen of the Amazon forest. Today, this vast grassland was just like her favourite hunting ground at that time. Someone had actually dared to come to this place and played hide and seek with her.

    Liu Yue arched her back silently like a cheetah and slowly disappeared into the bushes without making any sounds.

    She cannot let these people get near Xuan Yuan Che. If they disturbed his process of forcing the poison out, she wouldn’t be satisfied with her revenge even if they all went to hell.

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