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Chapter 97-Crisis, One After Another (5)

    Chapter 97-Crisis, One After Another (5)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Surjit, Shipreck

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    Her green dress allowed her to melt into the surrounding grassland. Liu Yue squatted among the bushes as she glanced at the professional assassins approaching her slowly, one step after the other, with a cold expression. They were definitely proficient at hiding their presence.

    They held swords smeared with highly potent poison. One could clearly see the black edge of the sword glittering with a faint colour of red and black. No one could tell how much poison had been used.

    Looks like these people were already prepared beforehand. They were laying in wait for them.

    True enough, these assassins had the ability to infiltrate the Imperial Palace’s Guards strict defense and push them both down the cliff. They would definitely assign some people to lay in wait here. They had planned it well and executed their plans flawlessly.

    A cold smile appeared on Liu yue’s smile as she suddenly hook her hands over an assassin’s nose and mouth that had approached before her. The assassin, who was wearing a green uniform, had not even realized what was happening before the flexible sword in Liu Yue’s hands sliced through his throat. He collapsed to the ground without making a single sound.

    Releasing the dead man in her hands, Liu Yue turned and disappeared into the bushes.

    “Woosh.” The soft sound of the wind blowing was heard.

    The sound of the wind suddenly died down with a flash of silver light, leaving only a slight scent of blood in the air.

    “Chirp. Chirp.” The cricket within the bushes was not some unusual thing.

    The silver light flashed again and another assassin could only stare with widened eyes at Liu Yue who had pierced his throat with the sword. The eyes of the assassin were filled with shock.

    “You didn’t conceal your presence well enough.” Mouthing these words, Liu Yue sneered at him as she pulled out the sword in her hands suddenly.

    Turning around this small area, Liu Yue was like a viper silently stalking the prey. While these preys were still thinking that they were the predators, Liu Yue had already swallowed them whole.

    Every time a silver flash appeared, the sword would take a life, bloodying the tall elephant grasses.

    Those emerald green garment appeared and disappeared like a ghost.

    Eleven. Liu Yue wiped the blood stains on the sword with the assassins’ corpses and vanished into the bushes in a flash.

    The sound of the wind stopped and the chirps of the crickets were gone. Even the sound of the waving bushes disappeared. Everything seemed to have quietened, or perhaps, it had always been this quiet.

    The last remaining assassin in the green uniform was frightened. No matter how many times he sent out the secret signal, the other assassins seemed to have fallen like a rock in the ocean. There was no response at all. It was as if they had all disappeared.

    “Woosh. Woosh.” None. Still none.

    A cold sweat ran down his back. What was going on?What had happened?

    There were no murderous auras nor any single sound in the surroundings. There was absolutely nothing; and clearly, there were no other people. Then where had all his comrades disappeared to?

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