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Chapter 98-Crisis, One After Another (6)

    Chapter 98-Crisis, One After Another (6)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Surjit, Shipreck

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    Was it possible that an assassin more skillful than them was hidden here?

    Instantly, his hair stood on its end. Impossible. Absolutely impossible. Xuan Yuan Che of the Tian Chen Kingdom was a professional, yet he definitely wouldn’t have such powerful strength. This feat would not be possible for someone who hadn’t been specially trained to hide their presence completely, so who was it actually?

    The wind rose and blew on the grasses.

    The dense stench of blood slowly flowed with the wind.

    The last remaining green-clad assassin immediately became more frightened than ever. This scent of blood, could it be… could it be…

    “Chirp. Chirp.” Suddenly his comrade’s replies resounded beside him. The last green-clad assassin immediately became joyous and quickly turned and moved closer towards the person making the sound quietly.

    In the bushes, a green-clad assassin sat with a drooping head as blood gushed out from his throat.

    The green-clad assassin was immediately fearful, but before he could turn around and defend himself, a sword had already pierced through him and fresh blood trickled down from his throat.

    He wanted to speak, yet no words were spoken. He wanted to scream, yet no sound came out.

    The green-clad assassin widened his eyes as he turned his head slowly and saw Liu Yue sitting crossed legged beside him. Bloodstains were on her fingers and her face had a savage grin, strangely alluring yet bone-chilling.

    He was unable to sense her presence even though she was right in front of him. He couldn’t sense her existence, it was as if she was an invisible person. No, she was just a spirit, a spirit that did not give out a single presence of aura at all.

    His throat echoed a faint squeal as his terror stricken eyes widened. Then, his body slowly fell to the ground.

    They were mistaken. They had miscalculated. Xuan Yuan Che was not the hardest one to attack here, it was this little girl.

    Unfortunately, this piece of intel could only be reported to the King of Hell.

    Slowly wiping clean the drops of blood staining the sword onto the assassin’s corpse, Liu Yue smiled coldly as she stood up and walked towards Xuan Yuan Che.

    She liked assassinating in the forest the most.

    Walking a few steps to where Xuan Yuan Che was, she saw that Xuan Yuan Che had already opened his eyes, looking rosy and healthy, the poison eradicated totally from his body. The bushes in front of him, however, had already been permeated by the black, poison-filled blood and withered dry.

    “Why is there such a strong stench of blood?” Xuan Yuan Che asked Liu Yue who was walking towards him, as he sniffed the air and stood up from the ground.

    “Just a few cockroaches.” Liu Yue spoke calmly.

    Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Che raised his brows. Just a few cockroaches. This Liu Yue had actually dared to say as such.

    “Was this location also unclean?” Xuan Yuan Che smoothed his brows with his fingertips and muttered.

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