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Chapter 99-Crisis, One After Another (7)

    Chapter 99-Crisis, One After Another (7)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: Surjit, Shipreck

    TLC by:Shiroyukineko

    “They were able to infiltrate the Imperial Guards and hid their identity. If they do not kill you now, then they would have let the people behind this assassination down.” Liu Yue said as she stretched her hands and threw the sword in her hands to Xuan Yuan Che.

    She didn’t really like using swords. Compared to swords, she liked to use daggers more.

    Attacking in the guise of an Imperial Guard meant that some high ranking people of the Tian Chen Kingdom were involved in this conspiracy. If Xuan Yuan Che had managed to return alive, then what other power could they wield?

    “Are you scared?” Xuan Yuan Che asked with a devilish smile, holding his sword in one hand and reaching out to caress Liu Yue’s hair with the other.

    “What did you say?” Liu Yue tipped her head to one side and crossed her arms over her chest as she answered coldly.

    Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Che’s mouth quirked up at one corner. Pulling Liu Yue’s hands, he raised his head and responded, “Alright, then let’s go.”

    “Go.” Liu Yue said as she grasped Xuan Yuan Che’s hand. If it was him beside her, then she would venture forth even if there was a mountain of swords or a sea of flames before her. There was no place off-limits for her.

    The wind blew, ruffling through the grasses and the clouds that decorated the clear blue sky.

    Yet, even under the bright sunlight, the surrounding was gloomy and cold.

    Stepping firmly on the edge of the mountain, Liu Yue bent down and scanned through the dense forest ahead, furrowing her brows slightly.

    “Is there no other way? ”


    One asked directly and the other answered directly.

    The mountain and dense forest before them had traps set up throughout the area. There were traps that were extremely clever and elusive. However, for the experienced Liu Yue, the traps were full of flaws, so many that she could discern the exact amount of traps and ambushes present in this dense forest with one glance.

    The only problem was the sheer number of them. The entire forest had been mined with traps all over the perimeter and within, layered one over the other. If any of the traps were triggered, it would set off a chain-reaction. There was no way to dismantle the traps one by one.

    dop994Yet, they did not have that much time. This forest was too thick and it was really easy forforest fires to happen in early summer. If that were to happen, then they would not be able to escape even if they had wings.

    “Should we rush through? ” Liu Yue turned her head as she raised her brows, quickly pulling on her silver gloves .

    “Rush through.” Xuan Yuan Che arched his brows frigidly as he picked Liu Yue up from the ground. His feet tapped continually and speedily towards the dense forest before their eyes.

    Forcing their way through did not require any skills, they only required speed and strength.

    Therefore, Liu Yue also did not object to Xuan Yuan Che carrying her. Instead, she twisted her body and climbed onto Xuan Yuan Che’s back.

    Flying speedily and freely, Xuan Yuan Che leapt forth through the dense forest.

    “Click.” Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes flashed cold as he tripped over something soft, triggering a trap. At this moment, four bamboo screens suddenly entrapped them on all four sides. There were also bamboo staves with sharpened tips, which had been concealed behind a big tree, swinging down towards them. The long bamboo staves were almost 11 feet long.

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