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Chapter 101-Turbulent Times (1)

    Chapter 101-Turbulent Times (1)

    Translated by: GT

    Edited by: FatChinee, Shiroyukineko, Surjit

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    When Liu Yue heard this noise, she immediately grabbed the Sky Silk and swept away with a swirl. The two figures flashed past as an endless amounts of fine needles that shot out from within the surrounding trees.

    The black and poisonous needles were as thin as strands of hair and as numerous as a drizzling rain. If Liu Ye and Xuan Yuan Che had been late for even a single second, they would inevitably be turned into hedgehogs and poisoned beyond recovery.

    The two figures bounced up and down within the dense forest, quickly and efficiently running away.

    “This is not bad, however, the design is nothing special.” Liu Yue sneered as she dashed across the forest.

    Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Che who was right next to her and could not help but shoot her a glare. She actually had the nerve to criticize these traps and hidden weapons. In addition, these traps were so ingeniously designed and interconnected that even he himself had to handle them cautiously, yet this brat spoke is such a ridiculous manner.

    Liu Yue saw that Xuan Yuan Che was glaring at her and couldn’t help but grin and replied, “I will set up some traps for you someday. Only then will understand what is truly powerful.”

    The hidden traps and weapons were brilliant not because they were numerous but rather because they were hidden ambushes and were capable of killing in one strike. Although there were so many layers of interconnected traps that would set off at almost the same time, as long as one avoided the first trap, the second one would not pose as much risk. One would only need to spend a little more effort for these traps.

    Yet these people did not understand this principle.

    Hearing Liu Yue’s words, Xuan Yuan Che couldn’t help but to arch his brow and responded, “Alright. I would like to see how powerful you are.”

    The two bantered back and forth leisurely as they advanced forward, giving no indication that they were engaged in a struggle of life and death.

    Although the dense forest was not small, it was also not too large. As Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che continued crossing the forest, they finally managed to barge out of the dense forest abounded with traps.

    Standing firmly after coming to a stop, Liu Yue scrutinized the impregnable and vast combat formation before her eyes.

    dop1011There were thousands of soldiers dressed in green uniforms wielding cold and apathetic blades. The afternoon sun radiated down on them, although the weather should be warm and sunny, this area was icy cold and filled with killing intent.

    On the area five feet in front, a dense and impenetrable army of soldiers in green uniform was arranged in a rectangular alignment. Just a glance was enough to determine that they were in the hundreds and thousands. Furthermore, they had blocked of every single way out.

    Their blades glinted under the frigid sunlight.

    Liu Yue squinted her eyes slightly. She was very sure that these men were soldiers. The auras of soldiers were entirely different from assassins. Assassins did not have the sense of collective honor and teamwork, but soldiers do. The fights of soldiers in battlefields were completely different from the strikes of assassins.

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