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Chapter 102-Turbulent Times (2)

    Chapter 102-Turbulent Times (2)

    Translated by: GT, Rysbow

    Edited by: GT, Rysbow

    TLC by: GT, Rysbow

    With her finger curved like a hook, a short sword with a cold glint was held in her hand. The corner of Liu Yue’s mouth curved up as she said to Xuan Yuan Che, “They have called out the army; your opponent did not underestimate you.”

    “I guess I should feel honored.” Xuan Yuan Che responded Liu Yue and clasped the soft sword in his hands.

    The grandeur of the army showed that these soldiers were definitely some kingdom’s imperial cavalries, or first-rate army. The people behind this assassination even sent these men to kill Xuan Yuan Che. It looks like the Left Minister had obtained something good when he invited the wolf into the house.

    The sounds of the metal hooves, the swishes of the soldier’s swords and the organized footsteps reverberated in resounded from the forest.

    The gleam of the swords were icy cold as the murderous auras scattered.

    With no words uttered and no gestures signaled, Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che moved at the same time. Liu Yue was positioned ahead and Xuan Yuan Che at the back,as they pounced towards the bloody cavalries like two fierce tigers.

    As the numerous sharp knives were brandished, the tiger had entered into the pack of wolves.

    Holding the short sword in her hand, Liu Yue walked in lead. Glints of knives flashed before her eyes and were coming directly toward her face.

    The gleam of the sword was unseen as the short sword was almost invisible. Only very few droplets of blood that were light in color spattered rapidly on the ground like fingernail-sized flowers blooming in the meadow.

    With the raise of a hand and the fall of sword, there were no defedop1012nse but only attack as it was said that the best defense is attack. At this moment, Liu Yue had exploited this principle to the fullest.

    When the cold knife of the enemy still hung in the mid-air, her sword had already stabbed the person’s chest. As the knife of the soldier was still aiming towards her head, she had already stood before the enemy and bloomed a tiny flower of blood for that throat.

    Liu Yue’s movements were not fast, but really incisive. It was an indescribable acuteness. Once her sword was out, the opponent would be dead in one strike. If she was to attack, the metallic bloody long knives of the opponent would never be faced as she would only encounter their fatal parts.

    Liu Yue entirely ignored her own safety as if the long knives cutting closer was unseen.

    Only when the knives were about to injure her vital parts, the hand wearing the silver silk glove would catched the knife as fast as lightning,and clasped the icy cold knife. At the same time, killing the enemy in one strike.

    During the rest of the time, she would allow the wavering flashes of the knives and the splatters of her own blood. Yet, Liu Yue entirely ignored everything like the blood did not belong to her and as if it wasn’t her getting hurt. That kind of frigid apathy left the people dumbfounded.

    Obtaining the biggest benefits through the smallest expense and the mildest injuries.

    She moved forward with tremendous velocity. Once she had went a step forward, she would never retreat backwards. Among the millions and thousands flashes of swords,there would only be advancing and proceeding.

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