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Chapter 103-Turbulent Times (3)

    Translated by: ShiroyukinekoChapter 103-Turbulent Times (3)

    Edited by: Surjit

    TLC by: GT

    Xuan Yuan Che who was following right behind Liu Yue had a fighting style different from Liu Yue’ silent fighting technique. Only the flash of his sword could be seen, the blade’s flash was like a silver dragon spiralling around the cold light of the blade. Only the after-image of the blade was seen.

    Blood spattered about as the silver dragon danced. It was as if a torrential rain of blood suddenly filled the skies.

    dop1031Parrying away the longsword that was swinging towards Liu Yue’s back, Xuan Yuan Che immediately flicked his hand and sent the assailant straight to hell below. The silver light reflected off the blade shrouded the two as he eradicated any dangers lurking on Liu Yue’s back.

    Liu Yue had chosen to stand in front of Xuan Yuan Che because she trusted her back with him. Having her put so much trust in him, what else could Xuan Yuan Che say? He could only make it his priority to protect the woman he loved from any harms or injuries.

    Liu Yue’s sharp and ruthless measures opened a pathway for them, while Xuan Yuan Che’s sword attacked in all directions, getting rid of the remaining enemies before following Liu Yue along.

    Both of them worked together flawlessly.

    Under the blue curtain of the sky, only a scene of bloodbath could be seen in this area.

    There wasn’t any screaming, not even a single squeak. There was only killing, desperate killing everywhere.

    When Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che advanced one step forward, every cavalry that was bypassed immediately collapsed as their bodies tumbled backwards without a sound. The army had encircled Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che, leaving not a single path open. If they wanted to break through the encirclement, they would have to kill every single person there. Otherwise, they can forget about escaping from this place.

    This was the difference between the Imperial Guards and the assassins. This was the teamwork that only exists in an army.

    Liu Yue who had gone in first, advanced forward with a rapid pace, pouncing non-stop on her succeeding target. As she defeated one soldier, another one charged forward; when she defeated two soldiers, another two charged forward. The number of incoming soldiers seemed endless.

    Her pretty brows knit together. Liu Yue had understood from the start that it wasbetter to avoid provoking an army. However strong one’s skills were, there would be a limit to it. Facing thousands or even ten thousands of soldiers alone would only result in exhaustion sooner or later.

    Regardless of how strong she and Xuan Yuan Che was, they could not face off against over a thousand cavalries that were not much weaker than them alone. The cavalries had used an attack technique that relied on teamwork. Such great display of teamwork couldn’t be calculated by a simple one enemy plus one enemy equals two enemies. Instead, their combined strength definitely exceeded that of two combined.

    At this moment, their only chance to open a pathway was to kill as fast as possible and tear a hole in this strict impregnable defense around the forest. Otherwise, they would die here today.

    Liu Yue’s attack became even more ruthless. She didn’t care about the attacks on her left, right and back, leaving them all to Xuan Yuan Che. Liu Yue only cared about moving forward, she only cared about the opponent in front of her.

    Even when a sharp blade pierced her shoulders, she did not even look at her wound, leaving blood flowing out from the injury. Her eyes were only focused on her front, they were only focused on attacking to kill.

    As long as she’s not dead, any wound was not a serious wound to her.

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