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Chapter 105-Turbulent Times (5)

    Chapter 105-Turbulent Times (5)

    Translated by: Rysbow

    Edited by: Surjit, Austin

    TLC by: GT, Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: For people asking about the differences between pic and novels-In the novel, Du Gu Ye’s clothes were white, but the manhua artist drew it black. Similarly, Xuan Yuan Che was supposed to wear a dark red robe while Liu Yue an emerald green robe, but the manhua artist drew it differently. The novel wrote that the enemies were cavalries but the manhua artist drew them as foot soldiers. There are subtle differences between the manhua and the novel, but if I excluded all the pictures that did not match the description of the novel, there wouldn’t be any pictures left. So just take it easy if you see any differences between the description and the pictures, it’s not translated wrongly.

    “Boom.” One-feet-tall fire suddenly flared up across the mountain. This sudden, yet powerful flame, roared in the heavily forested mountain and spread quickly like a wildfire towards Liu Yue, Xuan Yuan Che and company, who were in the battle arena below.

    White robes swayed in rhythm with the wind on the mountain top. Du Gu Ye stared coldly at the roaring flames below. His attacks won’t be weak like Xue Sheng kingdom’s; his attacks would be fast and fatal.

    The sound of galloping horses resounded behind; Xuan Yuan Che’s Dragon Riders were about to reach them.

    The white figure took one last look at that light blue fabric that was about to be completely encircled by the wildfire, and turned away coldly, disappearing into the mountains.

    The flames, filling the sky, spread out in an instant.

    In the battle arena below, Xuan Yuan Che’s face changed as he noticed the sudden raging fire headed towards them.

    “Fire!” Xuan Yuan Che yelled, his face green with anxiety.

    Surrounded by flaming grasslands, the wildfire had cut off any chance of retreat .

    “Don’t look back.” A cold, yet firm, voice boomed. Up front, Liu Yue didn’t turn back to look, instead she quickened her footsteps.

    Liu Yue didn’t even look at the fire that was fast approaching, she only focused on what was in front of her. In order to avoid these flames, they needed to first break out of this formation. Worrying or talking about anything else would be futile.

    Xuan Yuan Che didn’t say anything else, he understood immediately. Waving his sword around like lightning and thunder, he gave off a powerful and menacing aura.

    As the wounds in their bodies increased, so were the number of men falling at their hands. The pace of their fight increased, weakening the defenses of the men blocking their escape in front of them.

    As the sky gradually grew darker, the red flames of the sun could be seen reflecting off Liu Yue’s body, painting her in the colour of blood.

    The fire was growing bigger and bigger.

    The mountain wind fanned the approaching flames, and the blazing fire became unstoppable, approaching the two ferociously.

    The scorching flame that was capable of burning everything it touched to ash, was already so close that they could be seen reflecting off of Liu Yue, Xuan Yuan Che and the others.

    “Let’s go!” Liu Yue yelled as she slashed apart her last opponent. She dashed towards the opening in the incomplete circle of defense.

    Behind him, Xuan Yuan Che followed closely. Using his sword, he blocked his enemies’ attacks, grabbed LiuYue, and sped out like an arrow towards through the opening.

    Once they had ripped apart the surrounding defensive formation, stopping them became nigh impossible.

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