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Chapter 106-Turbulent Times (6)

    Chapter 106-Turbulent Times (6)

    Translated by: Rysbow

    Edited by: Surjit

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    In the blink of an eye, the figures vanished into the forest ahead.

    Only a couple of blurs could be seen as two figures vanished into the forest ahead.

    They left a pile of corpses on the floor in their wake, along with numerous wounded riders.

    Under the golden sunrays, the fiery red colour of the flames looked concentrated and intense. It looked even brighter than the sunlight.

    This place was covered with knee-high grasses. Once a flame is lit , even a small spark of fire, aided by the wind, could burn across the prairie at an unimaginable speed. The lush mountain grass was obviously a fodder for the fire.

    Ignoring the injuries all over his body, Xuan Yuan Che grabbed Liu Yue and dashed away at lightning pace .

    “There is a creek up front, seven miles or so.” Xuan Yuan Che said. He threw Liu Yue across his back, gathered up his inner strength and sped away.

    Liu Yue wrapped her knees tightly around Xuan Yuan Che’s waist. She held on to him, tightly.

    No matter how fast Liu Yue was, her speed could never surpass Xuan Yuan Che’s. Plus, she wasn’t familiar with the terrain here, so she simply held on to Xuan Yuan Che in silence.

    “I’d like to see who’s faster in the end.” Along with the wind, a moody, yet arrogant cold voice was heard.

    As night dawned, the daylight behind Xuan Yuan Che diminished into a thin line in the horizon. At the same time, Xuan Yuan Che’s strength emerged completely. His speed was as fast as a racing steed. There was no slowing down.

    The night sky was painted with a red horizon, as if this entire bottom half of the sky was burning up.

    With the wind blowing from the mountains, even a little spark could turn into a wildfire, let alone a fire created from a huge ball of fire.

    The huge balls of fire rolled, approaching closer and spreading wider. Waves of flames were coming in from all directions. The small flames, with the help of the wind, instantaneously turned into roaring flames that only grew stronger and wilder .

    The fire chased Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue.dop1054

    Their sweat had been vaporised by the heat and Liu Yue could almost make out the smell of burnt hair. This fire had spread too fast.

    At the same time, Qiu Hen and company, who had been delayed bythe Left Minister’s scheme, had just rushed up the mountain. When they saw the big fire below them, their hearts stopped.

    Looking at the scene before them, there was barely any green left in the mountain. What was left were the flirtatious sparks, running and jumping, buzzing without any control.

    Seeing this, Qiu Hen knees went soft. He fell from his horse and kneeled firmly on the ground.

    “I came too late, too late…” The strong and determined man’s face turned lifeless.

    He cleared out the assassins on the cliff and gathered the Dragon Riders. Without waiting for Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi’s command, he whipped his horse and sped towards the fiery scene.

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