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Chapter 107-Turbulent Times (7)

    Translated by: GTChapter 107-Turbulent Times (7)

    Edited by: Surjit

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    Qiu Hen wanted to be the first to descend to the foot of the mountain. If Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue were alive, Qiu Hen wanted to see them in person; if they were dead, he wanted to see their corpses.

    Yet, at this moment, the entire mountain and horizon was engulfed in flames. How could anyone survive in such a heavy fire?Did his King, and his Princess Consort…

    Xuan Yuan Che took a deep breath and sprinted rapidly.

    This was a race with the flames in the mountain, and a competition with the wind in speed.

    “Three hundred meters.” Casting a glance back, Liu Yue told Xuan Yuan Che the precise distance between them and the huge flames.

    The distance given by Liu Yue was accurate, but Xuan Yuan Che could not understand this unit of measure.

    (TLN: Ancient Chinese uses li as measure of units)

    The fiery red flame behind them was accompanied by the crackling sound of the burning air. The rolling bank of smoke billowed closer as the scorching heat gave people a burning and searing feeling. Behind their backs, the raging flames drew closer.

    “Trickle, trickle.” Amid the blaze, the sounds of the flowing streams resonated faintly. It sounded pleasing and extremely sweet.

    Racing like an arrow, Xuan Yuan Che used almost all of his strength.

    “Hundred meters, fifty meters, thirty meters…… ” With eyes reflecting the redness that filled the sky, Liu Yue was inhumanly calm at this moment as she measured the distance.

    “Hold your breath.” With a roar, Xuan Yuan Che flew up and pounced towards the stream up front.

    At the same time, the huge blaze behind them engulfed the area that the two had been standing before and crackled loudly as it passed.

    Only a sea of fire could be seen through the horizon.

    The fire continued burning for three days and three nights.dop1053

    The outskirts of Tian Chen Kingdom glowed an orange-red color as the fiery red flame brightened the sky at night.

    The fire raged on for three days and three nights in all three mountains.

    Finally, a summer rain extinguished the endless fire.

    The huge blaze destroyed the imperial hunting grounds of Tian Chen Kingdom. This newsshocked the capital of Tian Chen Kingdom.

    However, there was even a more shocking news. King Yi and his Princess Consort had died in the fire.

    All the citizens of the Tian Chen Kingdom were stunned. Did their King Yi and his Princess Consort really die in the fire? Did they really die on the second day after the Emperor’s birthday?

    This was unbelievable for the citizens. Was the pillar of their Tian Chen Kingdom really gone?

    Yet, the people had no choice but to believe this news.

    When the fire had died out, every single Imperial Guards and Dragon Riders were dispatched into the charred mountain.

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