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Chapter 108-Turbulent Times (8)

    Chapter 108-Turbulent Times (8)

    Translated by: Rysbow

    Edited by: Surjit

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    Even the Green Standard Army and Capital Garrison who were stationed fifty miles out, headed out all at once. They started a detailed search in these mountains that had been barred by the fire.

    However, there was nobody; nobody to be found. With a fire that big, how could they expect to find any survivors?

    In the Imperial Court, King Yi, Xuan Yuan Che was still absent. The court had been out of session for three days by the decree of the Emperor. Without the Emperor, the court officials buzzed around anxiously, without a clue.

    Did King Yi really die?

    While the terrible news buzzed about, some people started to take action.

    Left Minister used the fact that the Dragon Rider Guards cannot go one day without a leader, and requested that the Crown Prince take command. The same rule applied to the three hundred thousand men and horses under King Yi. In the absence of a king, the Left Minister had asked the Emperor to take back the Tiger Ensign and personally take control of the army.

    (TLN: Ancient China used a Tiger Ensign as a proof of authority to command their National Army)

    Otherwise, what would happen if the three hundred thousand men and horses that had fought along Xuan Yuan Che was thrown into turmoil?

    Meanwhile, a request to confer a posthumous title for King Yi Xuan Yuan Che as ‘The Loyal Kingdom Protector King’ was made to the Emperor. The request also included a proposal for King Yi to be promoted to Tian Chen Kingdom’s first-ranked king. Furthermore, a cenotaph and an Imperial Family burial site was also to be built in his honor.

    After much consideration, Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi approved it.

    Without wasting a second, Left Minister instantly began working on passing Xuan Yuan Che’s troops to the crowned prince, Xuan Yuan Cheng.

    As the Left Minister had taken action, so did the Right Minister and General Mu Rong’s faction.

    How could three hundred thousand soldiers and Tian Chen’s best elite guards, the Dragon Riders, all fall into the hands of the Left Minister? If the Left Minister took control of this power, how could they continue to live?

    A blanket of thick smoke began to spread through Tian Chen kingdom. In the darkness before dawn, all forces began to bare their fangs.

    It was also at this very moment, the cold crowned prince of Ao Yun, Du Gu Ye, requested to head back to Ao Yun.

    Xuan Yuan Yi could not be happier to send off the respectable man. When Du Gu Ye requested to leave, Xuan Yuan Yi immediately approved. If Ao Yun kingdom were to participate in Tian Chen’s chaotic civil situation, Tian Chen Kingdom would be in an even more dangerous position.

    A raging storm was approaching.

    Tian Chen Palace-West Palace

    “Sister, why do you look so lifeless?” Empress Liu smiled brightly as she asked Imperial Consort Chen, who looked inconsolable with sadness and heartache.dop1051

    Imperial Consort Chen looked coldly at Empress Liu, smiled stoicly,”Put away that disgusting face of yours.” she said rudely to the Empress.

    The Empress wasn’t angered, but instead kept her bright smile at Imperial Consort Chen. Glaring at her, she gloated, enunciating each and every word, “Sister, you have lost this fight. Haha! Servants, send the Imperial Consort off.”

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