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Chapter 109-Turbulent Times (9)

    Chapter 109-Turbulent Times (9)

    Translated by: Rysbow

    Edited by: Surjit

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    As soon as her sentence dropped, four eunuchs immediately emerged. They approached the two women and then surrounded Imperial Consort Chen. The eunuch leader held a cup of wine in his hand.

    Imperial Consort Chen glanced at the poisonous wine. A common method of death conferment in the palace.

    “Please be on your way now, your highness!” That pitched, sharp voice sounded even creepier at this moment.

    Imperial Consort Chen looked at the situation and let out a sudden laugh. This crisp laughter was filled with an indescribable hostility. Her eyes expressed insanity.

    She wiped away the tears on her face and looked sharply at Empress Liu, who was smiling victoriously. “Who do you think you are? What right do you have to kill me?” She asked coldly.

    Empress Liu looked at the Imperial Consort, who had laughed out an insane laugh. The Empress let out a cold laugh in return. “Imperial Consort Chen loved her son very, very much. She couldn’t accept the death of her son, the Third Prince, and therefore, killed herself with poison. How could you say that I killed you?” Empress Liu’s cold laugh turned into a victorious laughter.

    Imperial Consort Chen looked sinisterly at the Empress who was laughing victoriously. “This is not the end, the winner hasn’t been decided.”

    Hearing this, Empress Liu raised her eyebrow and mocked, “You don’t even have a son anymore, how could you fight against me? I think…”

    “Empress Liu, I believe that the Crown Princewill not live to see the next morning.” Cutting of the Empress’ sentence with power and dignity, Tian Chen Kingdom’s best General, Mu Rong Wu Di, marched into the room. The rest of Mu Rong Clan’s descendants marched behind the General, wielding sharp weapons in their hands.

    The Empress’ face changed instantly. She pointed at Mu Rong Wu Di, “Mu Rong Wu Di, you dare to revolt!?”

    “No, my loyalty to Tian Chen is absolute. I am only here to arrest the culprit behind the Prince’s death.” As soon as Mu Rong Wu Di’s words ended, Mu Rong Yi and Mu Rong Chen who was standing behind him walked towards the Empress, tightening their grip on their weapons.

    Empress Liu’s face turned green with fear. “What evidence do you have? Mu Rong Wu Di, how dare you hold me hostage. Guards! Take them down!”dop1056

    Nobody moved. There was no sound, there was nothing at all. There was only silence.

    Outside the window, the moon shone brightly on an otherwise dark night. A bright and clear ray of moonlight fell on the floor.

    Except for the four eunuchs who were cowering and shaking with fear, there was no other sound to be heard.

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