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Chapter 111-Turbulent Times (11)

    Chapter 111-Turbulent Times (11)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Surjit

    TLC by: GT

    Such an attitude, it was practically the ultimate insult to the royal family.

    Xuan Yuan Yi frowned hard. His hands, that was clutching the report tightly, trembled faintly.

    The Right Minister coldly waved his hands, and the Head Eunuch standing beside Xuan Yuan Yi immediately retreated out the door in silence, leaving the Right Minister and Xuan Yuan Yi alone in the enormous Tian Chen Palace.

    Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Yi didn’t make a sound. Everyone on his side had already been controlled.

    “Right Minister, I only have one left…” Xuan Yuan Yi looked at the right Minister and didn’t finish his words, but his meaning was extremely clear.

    Amongst his sons, Xuan Yuan Che was the most brilliant and promising, followed by the usually quiet and reserved Xuan Yuan Cheng. If both of his sons were destroyed today, then his Tian Chen Kingdom…

    “The Eighth Prince, Tenth Prince and Thirteenth Prince are also talented individuals. Your Majesty, please abolish Xuan Yuan Cheng’s status of the Crown Prince as his punishment for conspiring to assassinate the Third Prince. Then, please select one of the three princes as Crown Prince as replacement. I will do my utmost to serve and support whichever Prince that was selected; the same goes for Imperial Consort Chen.”

    Taking one firm step forward, the Right Minister wore a resolute expression, an expression showing that he would definitely not relent even an inch.

    Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng must be killed today.

    The Eighth Prince was thirteen, the Tenth was seven and the Thirteenth was still a one-year-old toddler. These three people……Xuan Yuan Yi’s face darkened.

    “Your majesty, please forgive your rude servant. Having experienced many years of problems in the court, I believe that Your Majesty would also understand that there’s a need for competition between the left and the right faction in court. Only then would you be able to rest easy at night. If one of the factions were to collapse by any chance, Your Majesty, your worry-free days would be over.”

    The Right Minister said menacingly.

    dop 1102Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Yi didn’t have to think to understand. This was also the reason why he was so jittery and uneasy these few days.

    The Tian Chen Imperial Court was divided into two factions that rivaled each other, the Left and the Right factions. The two Great Generals were also divided, one supported the Left Minister while the other backed the Right Minister. Only when both sides compete and kept the other in check, would Tian Chen Imperial Court be able to maintain peace and harmony.

    When Xuan Yuan Che and his subordinates collapsed today, the Left Minister had seized power. If he allowed the power that the Left Minister and the Crown Prince to increase, even he, the Emperor, would face an imminent danger.

    There was no need for others to say anything; he also understood this point very clearly. However, Xuan Yuan Cheng was still his own flesh and blood.

    Raising up his head and looking deeply at the threatening Right Minister, A cool breeze blew through an open window into the palace. It was obviously early summer, but the breeze was so cold that it froze one’s heart.

    Today, the Left Minister had gained control of the Tian Chen army and the Right Minister was forcing the Crown Prince to abdicate. He faced such a predicament right after the death of Xuan Yuan Che. If he made a single mistake and caused an internal unrest, Tian Chen Kingdom would be in grave danger.

    “Edict Granted.” Raising his head slowly, Xuan Yuan Yi closed his eyes as he choked out those two words through his gritted teeth.

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