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Chapter 112-Turbulent Times (12)

    Chapter 112-Turbulent Times (12)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Shiroyukineko

    TLC by: GT

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    “Your servant complies with your wishes.” The Right Minister immediately bowed and moved forward. Taking a brush with his hands, he immediately wrote the Abdication Imperial Edict.

    dop1103The bright color of the Imperial Jade Seal on the edict looked like chaos in one’s eyes.

    A fast horse darted like the wind as it went straight out of the Palace Gates. The yellow bell sounded as night fell on the Palace.

    When the Abdication Imperial Edict was announced, Xuan Yuan Cheng would be put in an extremely difficult situation. If he refused the edict, he would be regarded as disobeying the Emperor, and would be punished by death. If he accepted it, on the other hand, he would become a commoner, and to kill a commoner who was once a corrupted Subject would be extremely easy.

    Without being sure of the outcome, one must not try to push their limits. Otherwise, everything could be destroyed immediately, and both sides would not benefit from that.

    At night, the silence intensifies, bringing forth a gloomy atmosphere.

    And at this time, outside the capital, the Left Minister was still with the Crown Prince, Xuan Yuan Cheng and the second general in command, General Fei. Clutching the Imperial Edict in his hands, they rushed towards Xuan Yuan Che’s three hundred thousand troops garrisson day and night. Once they had the three hundred thousand troops in their hands, they would even be capable of revolting against the Tian Chen Kingdom.

    Stars blinked across the skies, as both sides of the factions were in turmoil and distress.

    And at this time, in an isolated area outside town, two figures were slowly walking towards the Capital.

    “Are you tired?” Pulling Liu Yue’s hands, Xuan Yuan Che asked gently.

    “No, I’m not. What does this even count?” Liu Yue tilted her head to one side and laughed as she gazed at Xuan Yuan Che. Her small face were half black and half rosy. The make-up on her face had actually been washed away by the river water previously, but the smoke and soot from the aftermath of the fire had stuck on her face instead. Her face was half ugly and half beautiful.

    “You should be worried about yourself. Can you cope with the wound on your chest?”

    “I won’t die from this. How about you?” Xuan Yuan Che grinned lightly, his devilish face wasn’t looking better either, it had become half green and half purple. He then raised his hands and touched the wounds on Liu Yue’s body.

    The wounds had already become scars, and the scars looked savage and were great in numbers. But they were all superficial wounds, and Liu Yue didn’t even care about them at all.

    “It’s a small thing.” Liu Yue shrugged her shoulders, her tone bossy like always.

    Both of them looked at each other and burst out into laughter at the same time.

    As long as they were not dead, there was no problem too big for them to handle. As long as they were alive, everything will be alright.

    “Then let’s go. How chaotic do you think the Capital had become during these three days?” Xuan Yuan Che grabbed Liu Yue’s hands tightly, stepping forward in great strides.

    “Who cares how chaotic it’ll be.” Liu Yue couldn’t even be bothered about that. As long as this person in front of her was alright, other things were insignificant.

    Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Che couldn’t help but to give her his devilish smile.

    His little Princess Consort had only him in her eyes. This made him very happy. “Let’s go, the army that I controlled with my Tiger Seal is just right ahead. We can join them there first.”

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