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Chapter 113-Turbulent Times (13)

    Chapter 113-Turbulent Times (13)

    Translated by: Rysbow

    Edited by: Krithika, GT

    TLC by: GT, Shiroyukineko

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    “Alright.” Liu Yue nodded her head.

    Warm feelings rippled between the two of them. Both of them looked extremely miserable in their sorry state, yet they were still affectionate with each other.

    The two held hands and followed the moonlit path.

    That day, the two of them had rushed into the river at the last minute before the fire engulfed everything behind them. Due to the overuse of force, Xuan Yuan Che had slammed against a huge rock in the riverbed. After spewing a mouthful of blood from the collision, he had fainted immediately.

    Seeing how big the fire was, Liu Yue had not dared to come out of the water. Instead, she held on to Xuan Yuan Che and floated along with the flow of the river.

    Bobbing up and down, they were carried for almost 100 miles down the river. Seeing that they were out of the danger zone, Liu Yue carried Xuan Yuan Che and climbed out of the river.

    On the riverbank, Liu Yue was covered with blood and injuries but they were only superficial wounds. There were no fatal injuries and so it wasn’t a big deal.

    However, Xuan Yuan Che’s injuries were much more intense. It seemed as if the intense power that he had used to jump into the river had reflected back onto his own body. Heavily injured, there was nothing much Xuan Yuan Che could do.

    Gathering herbs for medication was not a big deal for Liu Yue. The plants and herbs in this area were similar to what they had back in the modern times. However, she lacked the inner strength to actually cure him.

    They stayed quietly by the riverside for three days and waited for Xuan Yuan Che’s inner wounds to recover slightly. Then, they headed towards the capital.

    On the way, they didn’t see any wild horses or wild donkeys. Instead, they ran into many wild beasts that had been chased out of the woods by the wildfire. They had killed plenty of leopards and tigers, but they couldn’t tame these beasts to ride upon.

    So, weak and dispirited, they kept walking. The areas by the river that they traversed were completely deserted without a soul to be found.

    Under the quiet moonlight, the place was cold, yet hot.

    At the Tiger Camp, stood Tian Chen capital’s closest troops-three hundred thousand soldiers and horses, defending the capital’s crucial territory. Whoever controlled them could swallow Tian Chen kingdom and destroy the Xuan Yuan royal family, all in one gulp. All other troops would be too far away to prevent such tragedy; they wouldn’t make it in time to help.

    And these three hundred thousand troops were under Xuan Yuan Che’s command.

    Because of this, the Left Minister had not dared to touch Xuan Yuan Che. To revolt against Xuan Yuan Che, they had to first gain control over this army. With this army, they would have everything; even if Xuan Yuan Che died and resurrected, they would no longer need to fear him.

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