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Chapter 115-Turbulent Times (15)

    Chapter 115-Turbulent Times (15)

    Translated by: Rysbow

    Edited by: Surjit, Krithika

    TLC by: Shiro

    “Are you rejecting the Emperor’s decree? This is mutiny!” General Fei, who followed the Left Minister, roared in anger.

    Liu Chuan, Chen Si and Zhou Cheng took a moment to communicate with their eyes.

    Chen Si’s face was stone cold; he replied, “The Tiger Army shall only obey whoever holds the Tiger Seal. Others’ orders will be ignored.”

    “Lieutenant General Chen, disobeying orders from the Emperor is considered a crime. All of you should take that into consideration.” Xuan Yuan Cheng, who had stayed silent till then, finally spoke up. He looked benignly at the three Lieutenant Generals.

    Chou Cheng took a step forward, bowed to the Crown Prince, and answered grimly, “Thank you for the reminder, Your Highness. But the Tiger Army will only obey the General who holds the Tiger Seal. With the Tiger Seal, I am at your command, but, without it, the Tiger Army will not obey or bow to you.”

    This uncompromising and disdainful reply demonstrated his unwavering resolve.

    “We are loyal to our General’s command!” the thirty thousand soldiers all replied firmly. They weren’t loud, yet their unyielding tone showed their firm determination.

    Their General is King Yi Xuan Yuan Che; he is their Commander-in-Chief.

    “I see! So This is how it is. There is only Xuan Yuan Che in your eyes that you even dared to disobey the Emperor’s decree for Xuan Yuan Che? This sin is equivalent to mutiny! Guards, arrest these three Lieutenant Generals and hold them for trial in court.” said the Left Minister, his face pale with fear.

    How on earth did Xuan Yuan Che train these soldiers, that they would risk their lives to obey him, rejecting the decree.

    Ten soldiers standing behind General Fei marched towards the three Lieutenant Generals. Fortunately, the Crown Prince’s party had come prepared, knowing that Xuan Yuan Che’s men were a tough bunch. Or else…

    Three soldiers pounced out like tigers from behind General Fei, attacking the three Lieutenant Generals.

    Liu Chuan, Chen Si, and Zhou Cheng who stood on a high platform, responded with their own attacks. It wouldn’t be easy to take them down!

    Fists clenched and swords flashed.

    Soon, the six men were engaged in a ferocious battle.

    After-images of attacks blur past.

    “Bam!” Chen Si had recklessly engaged in a battle with his opponent using internal strength. He staggered back. Blood gushed out from his mouth, and he fell onto the brightly lit ground. His opponent’s internal strength was too strong. He couldn’t even defend himself.

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