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Chapter 116-Turbulent Times (16)

    Chapter 116-Turbulent Times (16)

    Translated by: Rysbow

    Edited by: Surjit Krithika

    TLC by: Shiro

    Impossible! Even though he was merely a Lieutenant General under King Yi Xuan Yuan Che, his skills were almost as good as General Fei. How is it possible that he couldn’t win against these soldiers?

    As he was thinking, the sharp sound of blades clashing against each other came again. And then blood splattered everywhere.

    Liu Chuan’s face turned pale. A fresh gash that ran across the whole of his back appeared, and blood spilled out from it. If he had been a second slower, this attack would have taken his life.

    The tens of thousands of soldiers roared below them.

    Chen Si’s heart sank; Liu Chuan was much stronger than him, and yet…

    “Careful!” Liu Chuan suddenly yelled, breaking his thoughts.

    Zhou Cheng blew past him, and fell heavily in front of the two Lieutenant Generals. He clutched his chest with his hand, blood poured out from his chest. His face was pale, and blood trickled down the side of his lips. Still, Zhou Cheng clenched his jaw and swallowed his pain.

    All of the three Lieutenant Generals were defeated.

    Within moments.

    “Will you accept it now or not?” Seeing this pathetic scene, Left Minister sneered, letting out a cold laugh. He raised the decree in his hand.

    Liu Chuan, Chen Si, and Zhou Cheng exchanged another look. Powerful opponents like this were rare in Tian Chen; their opponents’ skillsets were way higher than them. They couldn’t be from around here. Left Minister had came prepared; it looked like the rumour that he murdered their General, Xuan Yuan Che, was true.

    “Absolutely not!” The Lieutenant Generals’ reply was steel cold.

    “Very well, take them down.” General Fei shouted. His three soldiers shot towards the three Lieutenant Generals.

    The soldiers below the platform clamored up; step by step they marched towards the platform, their faces masked with anger.

    Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng who had remained passive and apathetic all this time, looked down at the three Lieutenant Generals. Smiling, he said, “Disobeying the royal decree and stirring up a revolution. I will give you two options, either you commit suicide, or you take these three men down. Choose one, and I will allow you to keep your positions as Lieutenant General.”

    These gentle words were said in an aggravatingly provocative tone.

    The Lieutenant Generals replied coldly, “We will only obey our general.”

    “Well then, kill them all.” Left Minister said with a dark face. The three soldiers pounced at the three Lieutenant Generals. They brought down their swords.

    “Zoom!” Just as the sharp weapon was about to slash across Liu Chuan’s chest, an extremely sharp and piercing object flew at the soldier.

    The soldier didn’t dare intercept it, he rolled and dodged the attack. The piercing weapon struck the drums behind them, and instantly, a thunderous boom exploded across the training court.

    “Who dares hurt my men!” a savage, cold voice broke out from the darkness.

    In the training court, the thirty thousand soldiers parted and created a path. Behind them, under the moonlight, two figures approached; one short, one tall. It was Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che.

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