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Chapter 119-Turbulent Times (19)

    Chapter 119-Turbulent Times (19)

    Translated by: Rysbow

    Edited by: Surjit, Krithika

    TLC by: Shiro

    Shiro: Thank you sponsor!

    The Left Minister and his party were highly ranked in the imperial court and excelled at playing dirty tricks. However, this training field was out of their jurisdiction. In this training ground, they might look like tigers, but they were only paper tigers. The army’s deafening cheers turned their faces as white as a sheet of paper.

    Seeing this, Liu Yue burst out laughing. Her enchanting hair blew in the wind complimenting the prideful aura that wreathed around her.

    Hearing her murderous laugh, the ten soldiers from the Left Minister’s party who had locked on to Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue couldn’t help but take a step back.

    Xuan Yuan Cheng, who had been quietly observing the situation, spoke.

    “I think you are right, third brother. After all, you are still alive. At this point, the decree does seem ridiculous. Left Minister, let’s stop this futile argument and return to the city with third brother. Father will be overjoyed to know that third brother is alive.” Xuan Yuan Cheng took a step forward and smiled at Xuan Yuan Che.

    dop1172The Left Minister tightened his fists. He noticed how his ten soldiers acted when Liu Yue spoke. If they were afraid of Liu Yue and couldn’t take down Xuan Yuan Che in one sweep, or if there were any miscalculations, they would probably be minced into pieces by the huge army behind them.

    After all kinds of calculation and all sorts of planning, everything had gone to waste in the end.

    The Left Minister hated how it had all gone downhill. But they were in Xuan Yuan Che’s jurisdiction and there was nothing more he could do.

    Military power, military power, this goddamn military power!

    Despite his frustrated thoughts, the Left Minister maintained an outwardly respectful and polite demeanour. “The Crown Prince is correct. I, the Minister, shall return and inform his Majesty.” he gritted through his teeth. With this, he turned and began to leave with his ten soldiers following behind him.

    “Oh, so that’s it then?” Toying with her dagger, Liu Yue stood beside Xuan Yuan Che. Her faint glance fell upon the ten soldiers who stood in silence.

    “What do you mean, Lady Mu Rong? Are you trying to force the Imperial Envoys to stay behind?” The Left Minister stopped, he turned his head and glared at Liu Yue.

    Liu Yue laughed. “Imperial Envoys? Which country do you Imperial Envoys belong to? Xue Sheng kingdom? Ao Yun kingdom? Chen King…”

    Liu Yue’s statement took him by surprise, but he hid it well and replied angrily, “What’s that supposed to mean? Where is your evidence?”

    “Evidence, Left Minister? I have none. But now that you are in my jurisdiction, I have the right to punish whoever I please. What I say counts. My words are all the evidence that you need.” Liu Yue flipped the dagger and caught it in her hand.

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