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Chapter 121– Turbulent Times (21)

    Chapter 121– Turbulent Times (21)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Surjit, Krithika

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    A silver light flashed and all the soldiers collapsed to the ground one by one, as a flower of blood bloomed on their chests.

    The attacks weren’t filled with just a normal person’s killing intent; the killing intent was almost demonic. A figure moved and attacked without conforming to any worldly sense.

    Seeing this, the Left Minister’s face turned green. It seemed like the Liu Yue who had turned his residence upside down previously had actually showed him some compassion back then. Otherwise, who would have been able to defend against her attacks?

    Tightly clutching his robe in his fist, he thought, this Liu Yue must be killed at all costs.

    Shadows and after-images followed the blade as it flew all over the place. Liu Yue suddenly whirled her body around and ruthlessly threw a punch at the soldier behind her. That soldier’s defense was broken and bearing the heavy brunt of Liu Yue’s attacks, he was pushed back a few steps right in front of Xuan Yuan Che. He spat out a mouthful of blood as his teeth fell all over the ground.

    It was a punch that was neither heavy nor imbued with inner strength. It was just a punch that had the ability to knock out all the teeth in one’s mouth.

    This woman had no inner strength, the soldier immediately realized. His body hadn’t even stabilized from the previous impact, before Xuan Yuan Che, who was standing right behind him, suddenly reached out and blocked all his meridians. Immediately, the soldier was frozen on the spot, unable to move even a single inch.

    The only person left standing on that battleground was extremely shocked at this. He realized he wasn’t strong enough to attack Liu Yue, hence he swung his blade at Xuan Yuan Che, who was grasping a soldier in his hands.

    dop1211Liu Yue dashed forward and suddenly attacked, her fingers fast as lightning. She used two fingers to pinch on the seventh rib of the soldier who was attempting to dart past her and ruthlessly pressed down firmly.

    Only a miserable groan was heard as the soldier’s body was thrown into mid-air, then dropped to the ground with a loud boom. His whole body convulsed uncontrollably, and all of a sudden, he wasn’t breathing anymore. There was not even a single scratch on his body.

    The seventh rib is a human body’s core. If it were to ever break, one would not survive even if they were an immortal. This was a fact that all mercenaries knew very well.

    Silence engulfed the place and the only sounds that could be heard were the wind blowing and the soldiers’ heavy breathing from the tension.

    The thirty thousand soldiers below looked up at the serene-looking Liu Yue with respect and admiration. Their eyes were filled with absolute reverence and zeal.

    On the other hand, the Left Minister and Xuan Yuan Cheng had immediately turned green at this outcome. In the dark, their bodies couldn’t stop trembling.

    The two of them gave each other silent looks, and quietly began to leave, only to realize that a few thousand soldiers had surrounded them without them even realizing. They had no way out.

    On the high podium, kneading her fist lightly, Liu Yue turned around and picked up a tooth from the ground, laughing coldly, “This is a cheap trick that went out of fashion a long time ago.”

    (TLN: There was a scene in the manhua that wasn’t in the novel, but I think it was really interesting, so I will just try to “write” that scene here lol. Or you can just proceed to the next chapter haha.)

    Then, with a swing of her hands, Liu Yue suddenly tore off her robes from her body, saying, “It’s really hot after all that fight!! These clothes only looked nice, but it’s such a pain to fight wearing this!”

    The soldiers around could only gape at this scene, while Xuan Yuan Che was completely flustered as he shouted, “Liu Yue…you”

    Tearing her robes apart, Liu Yue was only left with her special wristguard a sleeveless dress that only covered her up to her knees. Her long black hair was tied up in a ponytail, and she transformed from a demure lady into a female warrior.

    The Left Minister snorted and commented, “Shameless!”, to which the Crown Prince replied, with his eyes averted, “I think it’s still okay…”

    Meanwhile, Xuan Yuan Che growled at the spectating soldiers, “All of you turn around! Otherwise I’ll gouge your eyes out!”

    Hearing that, Liu Yue could only shake her head slowly and said, “I say, Che, aren’t your reactions a little too exaggerated? I’m not even naked, why are you so mad? You are so childish!”

    “What?! I’m childish? You are the childish one! Your grandfather is childish, no, your whole family is childish!” Xuan Yuan Che replied indignantly.

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