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Chapter 122-Turbulent Times (22)

    Chapter 122-Turbulent Times (22)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Surjit, Krithika

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Thank you sponsors!

    Hiding poison inside a fake tooth was an assassin’s suicide squad’s suicide preparation. If anything went wrong, they would immediately commit suicide as a desperate measure. Other people might not know, but how could she not understand?

    Hadn’t she personally come down to fight them just to prevent this eventuality?

    The Left Minister had asked for trouble. Previously, they had not had any solid evidence, but now they did.

    Forcefully extracting information from a suicide squad might not be easy, but she was an exception. At that time, when she captured a secret government agent, hadn’t she managed to force out the secret information from him? There was nobody on earth that could be obstinate till the end. You only needed to know the right way and method.

    “Seize him and torture him for information now.” Xuan Yuan Che grabbed the assassin that couldn’t kill himself and ordered Liu Chuan in a sombre tone. That pair of eyes sharply glared at the Left Minister and the Crown Prince, Xuan Yuan Cheng, whose faces were beyond pale now.

    “Yes.” Liu Chuan immediately arrested the soldier and retreated quickly.

    “I, Xuan Yuan Che, will not harm my siblings and relatives, but whoever dares to take advantage of me shall not be forgiven.” Those icy words were a proclamation of a cold war to Xuan Yuan Cheng.

    dop1212Smiling sweetly as she walked towards Xuan Yuan Che, Liu Yue tilted her head and laughed, “Didn’t the Left Minister and Crown Prince offer to bring us back to the Capital? Sure, I agree with this idea. Let’s go and take along some soldiers too. I reckon that the Capital will be very lively tonight.”

    Xuan Yuan Che twitched his brows at that, “Very lively? Alright, let us join in the excitement. Also, since it’s on the way…” he swept his gaze across the Left Minister and the others and coldly raised his eyebrows.

    Liu Yue followed Xuan Yuan Che’s gaze, and saw that General Fei had disappeared.

    She raised her brows as she thought that being able to escape without anyone realizing even while they were surrounded this tight, General Fei must not be a simple person.

    “General, the Left Minister had actually come to takeover the Tiger Army. Your honour, I believe that your Dragon Riders are also facing the same situation.” Zhou Cheng, who had not retreated, reported in a serious tone.

    “Although Qiu Hen and Yan Hu aren’t weak, but they weren’t that much better than us. General, you must be careful.”

    Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Che nodded slowly and replied, “You should treat your injuries first.” Then he abruptly announced in a loud voice, “Wu Lin, Qi Quan, San Yu, Qiu Su, prepare the horses and troops to accompany me back.”

    “Yes!” The Four Commanding Officers immediately replied loudly.

    In an instant, the war drum resounded again, and the turbulent times had passed.

    The thunderous sounds of the war drum that was beaten in the training ground could be heard far away, sounding like an army of excited war horses galloping across the field, quick and heavy hooves thumping on the ground.

    Amongst the thirty thousand infantry soldiers on the training ground, some of them retreated to their camps while some of them stayed. On the other hand, the elite cavalry army had also returned with their horses while some others went back to their respective camps. All in all, forty thousand cavalry and soldiers stayed behind and immediately started preparing to the tune of the booming sound of the drums.

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