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Chapter 123-Turbulent Times (23)

    Chapter 123-Turbulent Times (23)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Surjit, Krithika

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

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    Seeing this, Liu Yue whispered to Xuan Yuan Che in a low tone, “I’ll leave first and scout ahead. You should lead the soldiers and follow later. Qiu Hen and the others might need help; there’s also your Imperial Mother in the palace.”

    Qiu Hen was almost on par with the three Lieutenant Generals. If, according to Zhou Cheng, he had been injured so much by just one attack, then Qiu Hen and the rest wouldn’t be able to endure their attacks. The control of Dragon Riders would fall into the hands of Left Minister’s men.

    Furthermore, although the Right Minister was also powerful, he was still only a government official. She didn’t care about others, but she must protect Imperial Consort Chen.

    Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Che grasped Liu Yue’s hands tightly, “I…”

    “You are injured.” Xuan Yuan Che had only spoken one word, but he was cut off by Liu Yue. With Liu Yue glaring at him so strictly, Xuan Yuan Che could hardly say anything. His had only recovered a little from his internal injury, how would he be able to support her?

    Xuan Yuan Che gritted his teeth hard at this. It was not as if he didn’t understand what was important, but although Liu Yue’s injuries were only superficial, she had suffered multiple injuries all over her body. Furthermore, she would be travelling alone.

    “Don’t worry, you know my abilities right? We’ll meet in the capital.” Saying this, Liu Yue smiled at Xuan Yuan Che, then turned away and left.

    There was a sudden tightness in Xuan Yuan Che’s heart. An indescribable feeling arose in his heart; he felt like if he let her go now, he wouldn’t be able to see her again. Immediately, his hands reached out to grab the leaving Liu Yue.

    Pulling Liu Yue back, Xuan Yuan Che immediately wiped away the soot that was covering Liu Yue’s face. What kind of face would be under that mess?

    Shapely and symmetrical eyebrows, doe-eyes with pupils as as dark as the night sky, a high nose and cherry-red lips greeted him. A small face that was only as big as his palm, was delicately chiselled, like it was the perfect masterpiece of a sculpture. So perfect that it could probably bring down a kingdom. Her beauty was dazzling like the brightly shining moon in the sky, clear but a little bit cold, yet magnificent and glorious. She was like a Moon Goddess.

    Xuan Yuan Che etched her image, deeply and firmly, in his mind.

    Liu Yue was astonished by Xuan Yuan Che’s sudden unpredictable actions, but this wasn’t something much. She laughed out, “I’ll let you see it clearly after we returned.”

    When she finished her words, Xuan Yuan Che suddenly grasped her arms, and suddenly pulled her in for a kiss. In his passion, he hugged Liu Yue with a force that seemed like he wanted to fuse her into his embrace and knead her into his bones. His embrace was so tight, so intense.

    The forty thousand soldiers watched in silence, the scene of the two couple entangled in an intense kiss and embrace under the moonlight.

    “I’ll wait for you.” When their kiss was done, Liu Yue smiled as she whispered to Xuan Yuan Che. Then she turned around and left.


    As the moon shone down on her face, the Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng saw her face and was immediately frozen with shock. He couldn’t believe the face he saw after Xuan Yuan Che wiped Liu Yue’s face clean.

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