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Chapter 124-Turbulent Times (24)

    Chapter 124-Turbulent Times (24)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Surjit, Krithika

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

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    Where was that ugly girl? Where was Mu Rong Liu Yue?

    Heavens, how could this be? How could she have such a beautiful face? This woman, this woman, who was she exactly?

    He was so shocked that he fell one step back. The Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng had a look of indescribable shock in his face.

    He remembered once sneaking into his Imperial Father’s Secret Treasury and almost getting thrashed to death as a punishment. There he had found a beautiful painting, and a scroll of records that had been torn into shreds. That person in the painting, with Liu Yue…the words on that record…

    The moon was shining brightly and beautifully on a hot early summer night, but Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng felt a sudden chill instead, it was a chill that came from his heart.

    “Follow the Princess Consort.” Xuan Yuan Che waved his hands and immediately dispatched a small team to follow Liu Yue, they were all the top-elites of the army.

    In the night wind, Liu Yue led the small team and disappeared into the night in a blink of an eye, speeding along as they went.

    Taking a deep breath, Xuan Yuan Che coldly swept a gaze at Xuan Yuan Cheng, whose face was filled with shock, and the Left Minister, who was as pale as paper, then said in an icy tone, “Follow me.”

    Banners fluttered in the wind as the troops marched in the dark. Forty thousand Tiger Army soldiers subdued the Left Minister and Xuan Yuan Cheng as they dashed towards the capital city as quickly as possible.

    Walking through the boundless horizon, they were fated to be sleepless that night.

    In the Tian Chen Capital, the capital’s soldiers had surrounded the whole city gate; nobody was allowed to go out.

    The Right Minister had taken control inside the capital, and the Left Minister controlled the outside.

    Using one hand to cover a soldier’s mouth and nose and a dagger in the other to slit his throat, fresh blood splashed Liu Yue’s face as the soldier in front of her collapsed to the ground without a sound.

    On the left corner of the city gate, a hundred capital’s soldiers had been turned into a field of corpses. With a flick of Liu Yue’s wrist, her Sky Silk shot out and rooted itself on the city walls. Tiptoeing upwards the wall, Liu Yue flew as she entered into the capital.

    Behind her, the small team of Tiger Army soldiers pushed the corpses near the city’s wall and then stepped on them to leap off the high wall. They did not make a single sound that would alarm the other soldiers.

    The figures flashed like lightning as they dashed quickly.

    At this time, the Tian Chen Palace was brightly lit, and the government officials was spread out all over the Tian Chen Royal Court. The atmosphere was solemn and grave.

    And outside the Royal Court, black shadows flashed across without a sound eerily.

    In this gloomy atmosphere, Xuan Yuan Che’s Liu Li Palace reeked with even more hostility and killing intent. The killing intent could be felt even outside the Liu Li Palace. In the flickering light of the lanterns, a bloody massacre was taking place.

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