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Chapter 125-Preparing to Battle (1)

    Chapter 125-Preparing to Battle (1)

    Translated by: Erza

    Edited by: Surjit, Krithika

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    A mass of soldiers was battling and the combat zone resounded with their clashing of weapons.

    Inside Liu Li Palace, everything was dyed red with blood.

    “Pu.” Qiu Hen spat out a mouthful of blood and staggered, his shoulder sporting a deep gash, gushing with blood. A figure flashed by and ruthlessly unleashed a searing backhand strike, slashing of the arms of an assassin dressed up as an Imperial Guard off.

    “How bad is your wound?”After killing the assassin with a single slash of his sword, Yan Hu who was also drenched in blood, asked him anxiously.

    “I won’t die yet.” Sword in hand, Qiu Hen fought on, back to back with Yan Hu. The two of them were covered in wounds, yet their courage grew the more they fought.

    At their feet lay the bodies of many fallen Dragon Riders; they were all guards in charge of guarding the Liu Li Palace. And yet, even in the midst of corpses, many still fought on bravely, putting their lives on the line.

    A knife attempted to cut towards Yan Hu, but it was blocked by Du Yi, whose face was filled with determination as he glared, full of murderous intent.

    Yan Hu and Qiu Hen were surrounded by Du Yi and the others in the middle. There was even expert warriors from the Murong family-Murong Gang, Murong Yi and Murong Chen.

    If not for the timely arrival of the Blood Shadow Guards and the Murong family, Qiu Hen and the others would probably not have been much of an opponent for these assassins.

    The attackers masquerading as Imperial Guards were too skilled. To put it in perspective, there was only a handful of experts in Tian Chen Kingdom that could defeat them. Their savage killing intent was so intense that only Du Yi and the rest of the Blood Shadow Guards would have the abilities to be on par with them; others were just too inferior.

    Simply put, these men were not soldiers of Tian Chen Kingdom. They were not even citizens of Tian Chen.

    Qiu Hen and Yan Hu was already prepared beforehand. While they were in the forests searching for their King, they suddenly received a warning from the Blood Shadow Guards. Immediately, they knew something was wrong and quickly returned to Liu Li Palace.

    Sure enough, these fake Guards had broken into Liu Li Palace seeking to take control of the Tiger Seal and the Army Seal.

    Fortunately, they had returned in time. The fake Imperial Guards, seeing that Qiu Hen and the rest of the Dragon Riders had disregarded the Emperor’s Decree and refused to obey the Emperor’s order for them to be transferred to the Left Minister, immediately attacked them without mercy.

    If the Tiger Seal and the Army Seal were stolen, then not to mention the 300,000 Tiger Army stationed outside the Capital, even the thirty thousand Dragon Riders who were Xuan Yuan Che’s personal army that was situated right outside the Palace would be able to start a revolution and force the Emperor to abdicate, destroying everything with a single order of the Army Seal.

    Even in death, we cannot give them the seals.

    One by one, their companions fell, staining Liu Li Palace with their blood.

    The whole room reeked of blood; it completely permeated the atmosphere.

    “Hand over the Army Seal and the Tiger Seal, or else I will kill her.” A bloody, cold voice dyed with murderous intent suddenly sounded.

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