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Chapter 127-Trembling Heart (3)

    Chapter 127-Trembling Heart (3)

    Translated by: erza

    Edited by: Surjit, Krithika

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Thank you sponsors!

    Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi swept the entire hall with his eyes, looking at the different Ministers and their expressions. Taking a deep breath and with a casual wave of his hand he said: “Announce it.”

    “Your Majesty, the Crown Prince cannot be dethroned. At this moment, Tian Chen has already lost King Yi. If it were to also lose its Crown Prince, then it will be akin to a death blow to the foundations of Tian Chen.” Shi Lang, the Minister of Rites, hurriedly said while kneeling down with a tearful face.

    “Announce it.” The Right Minister shouted, with a cold pair of eyes.

    General Murong opened the Imperial Decree in hand without encountering any resistance.

    “Your Majesty……” The Left Minister’s faction nearly fainted.

    With the Imperial Decree announced, no matter how skillful the Crown Prince and Left Minister was at political manoeuvring, even if they were to win over the military, it would all be for nothing. Otherwise, if they turned to inciting a rebellion and taking over the Imperial Court, they would bear an eternal record of infamy through the generations.

    The night breeze fluttered, cool as water.


    Outside the city gates, Xuan Yuan Che led 40,000 Tiger Army troops, rallying them and closing upon the city gates.

    Hooves pounded the ground , “Tatata…” and soldiers radiated a powerful, austere killing intent and iron pride.


    Liu Li Palace

    A sudden wind blew past, blowing out the lights in the palace for a moment. The lantern’s brightness dimmed.

    “Hand over the Army Seal and Tiger Seal. Otherwise I will kill her.” The fake Imperial Guard outside demanded once more, tightening his grip on the blade in his hand. Drops of blood immediately trickled down Imperial Consort Chen’s pale neck.


    Qiu Hen and Yan Hu clenched their teeth so tightly that their mouths started to bleed.

    To the side, Murong’s elite guards did not make a sound. The blades in their hands only danced even faster. They could not interrupt for it was not their place to decide.

    “Imperial Consort Chen, I am truly sorry.” Yan Hu said, while slicing down one enemy in one strike. From his mouth, flowed a small trickle of blood. He didn’t even look at Imperial Consort Chen, who was in an extremely sorry state.

    This was for the sake of King Yi and the survival of numerous lives. They could not hand over the Seals to the attackers… they would not surrender them even if she was their King’s Imperial Mother.

    Under the dim lights, Imperial Consort Chen’s hair was a mess and her robes sported several bloodstains, but her face portrayed a serenity belying the current strenuous situation. Her beautiful face held no trace of fear.

    “So what if I were to die? It will be for the greater good! You look after my son’s things well.” With a face full of regal beauty and pride, at this moment, the Imperial Consort’s beauty and grace was most astonishing.

    When she saw that Empress Liu had actually dared to make a move on her son, she knew that the Left Minister would put in place other sinister arrangements today. Both the Army Seal and the Tiger Seal were kept in her son’s Liu Li Palace, but there was no one there to defend it tonight. She must definitely help her son protect those seals well. She must absolutely not let them fall in the hands of those evil-doers.

    She never thought that halfway through her journey, she would be caught and held hostage. However, she thought, it did not matter. Both Qiu Hen and Yan Hu were present and they would protect her son’s things. This was enough.

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