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Chapter 128-Trembling Heart (4)

    Chapter 128-Trembling Heart (4)

    Translated by: erza

    Edited by: Surjit, Krithika

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    Shiro: Thank you sponsors!

    “Just remember, you must not hand them over.” Imperial Consort Chen shouted, while throwing herself towards the long blade in front of her. She would not become a bargaining chip to hinder her son. She would definitely not put her son’s things at stake.


    Graceful and beautiful, this was a mother’s love and devotion towards her son.

    Just as that beautiful neck was about to be cut by the sharp blade, the fake Imperial Guard who was holding the Imperial Consort hostage suddenly trembled, and the sharp blade in his hand clattered to the ground. His entire body then fell forward.

    The person closest to the Imperial Consort, Murong Chen, witnessed it all. Immediately he charged forward towards the staggering Imperial Consort.

    Under the dimmed lights, a small arrow could be seen sticking out of the dead Imperial guard’s neck.

    The heated fighting atmosphere inside Liu Li Palace came to a sudden lull.

    At the palace doors, Qiu Hen’s eyes were drawn to the diminutive arrow protruding from the dead man’s neck. He was shocked. That was… that was the arrow that he had personally made. . . That was the arrow that he had personally made for his Princess Consort!

    His expression immediately turning ecstatic, Qiu Hen almost jumped in joy in that instant. Shocked with disbelief and excitement, he hurriedly shouted: “It’s the Princess Consort! It’s the Princess Consort!”

    As the news came out, everyone inside the palace was frozen with shock.

    Under the dim lights, a small figure strode in, covered in red blood. Her unfeeling, cold face emanated a strong killing intent.

    Red blood caked that small face, but they recognised that pair of eyes. It was their Princess Consort. The one who was thought to have perished in the great fire at the forest. She was their Princess Consort.

    “What era is it that you have gained the guts to rampage wildly around here?” Sharp and unfeeling, Liu Yue’s figure immediately disappeared. The short-sword in her hands immediately split the air and came down on the fake Imperial Guards guarding the Palace Gate, killing them without even allowing them to make a single sound.

    In her blood-soaked clothes, her actions were both startling and bewitching.

    Those sharp moves, that unique charisma. She was not a ghost, but a living, breathing human being.

    “Princess Consort.”


    Both Dragon Riders and Blood Shadow Guards were immensely excited. After three days of grieving in silence , they were suddenly liberated of pain. Their pillar of support had come back, their Princess Consort had returned!

    “Yue-er, what about Che-er…?” Staggering around Qiu Hen and Yan Hu, the Imperial Consort asked. Once she saw that Liu Yue had come, her resigned face immediately lit up and she intently looked at Liu Yue.

    A blood soaked Liu Yue had arrived. From her face, a hint of a bloody smile could be seen as she told them: “He took 40, 000 soldiers of Tiger Army to the Imperial City. Let’s see who in the Imperial City will have the guts to fight him back today.”

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